Gay travel Instagrammers share their post-pandemic plans

(Photo: Niko Wirachman)

Travel website Orbitz has become ‘OrBUTTZ’ for Valentine’s weekend. The site has teamed up with leading Instagram page ‘The Travelin’ Bum’ to showcase a multitude of travel destinations and travel influencers. Take a virtual and safe tour of the world through their images.

The Travelin’ Bum began after its gay founder, Jeff Perla, posted a scenic view in 2016 that also happened to feature his butt.

“I wanted to remain anonymous because I was looking for my first real job out of grad school. I became infatuated by social media and wanted to create a feed showcasing all the places I’ve traveled. And I made it a tradition to take a butt photo whenever I traveled somewhere scenic.”

Soon, the profile was showcasing travel photos sent in from other people, all featuring their butt, and amassing thousands of followers.

Of his partnership with Orbitz, and its dedicated, LGBTQ microsite, Perla says, “I love the idea around Orbuttz. Travel has been fairly non-existent for the past year and what better way to bring people together than to showcase a takeover of an array of people in the LGBTQ community celebrating Valentine’s Day safely from their current cities?”

There is also a charitable aspect to this particular Valentine’s hook-up, with Orbitz is donating $10K to the Stonewall Foundation.

“The overall message for this Valentine’s Day is that love is love, and even if you can’t travel for the holiday, Orbitz & The Travelin’ Bum are here to provide a vicarious getaway via social media and inspiration for your next trip, when that time comes,” said an Orbitz spokesperson in a press statement.

Expect plenty of rear-view action on the Travelin’ Bum Instagram this weekend, plus more family-friendly versions on the Orbitz Instagram feed.

The promotion runs from February 12-15, and its “virtual tour” will feature, “14 prominent globetrotting LGBTQIA+ influencers (singles & couples).”

Below are a handful of those taking part.

Niko Wirachman

Niko Wirachman
(Photo: Niko Wirachman)

“I will be spending Valentines Day in Turks & Caicos,” says the performer and Drag Race UK ‘Brit crew’ member. “I plan on taking a bike ride to the beach where we will have a BBQ and enjoy the sun. When the pandemic is over I really hope I can get to Thailand. It is one of those places I have been wanting to visit for years.”


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Jeff Perla

Jeff Perla
(Photo: Jeff Perla)

“I will be spending Valentines Day in NYC. Indoor dining is finally opening back up, so I am excited to finally be able to eat dinner without needing to wear a winter coat!

“This time last year I was spending Valentine’s Day in Sydney. I spent three weeks there but my time got cut short due to early Covid concerns. I am looking forward to getting back there and exploring the rest of the country.”


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Amir Morris

(Photo: Amir Morris)

“I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend walking around Millennium Park in Chicago. With everything being closed this past year we have learned to make our own fun. Once this is all said and done I am hoping to get to Greece. Mykonos has been on my bucket list for years, and after this winter I could really use the sand and sun.”

Logan Fletcher

(Photo: Logan Fletcher)

“With COVID numbers still so high in LA, and options for the usual Valentine’s Day plans limited, we’ll be skipping the dinner date and spending the day hiking in the hills to take in the view of LA.

“Before COVID started I had plans to make a few stops in Europe in 2020, but I’m probably most excited to get back to Amsterdam.”


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Felipe and Andrew Borras

(Photo: Felipe and Andrew Borras)

“We have been together for 4 years now, so we will be spending our Valentine’s in Miami. We have a room at The Standard Spa Miami … it’s like a staycation in our own city.

“We actually plan on hopefully doing a trip to the Greek Islands if things are safe for travel by the end of the year. We’ve always loved the Greek lifestyle and can’t wait to be back!”


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