Sex in pool leads to gay-friendly Puerto Vallarta beach club being fined

Two men appear to engage in sex in the pool at Mantamar Beach Club, Puerto Vallarta
Two men enjoy their vacation at the Mantamar Beach Club, Puerto Vallarta (Photo: YouTube)

A well-known, gay-friendly beach club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has been fined 22,000 pesos (approximately $1,000) after two guests appeared to engage in sexual activity in a pool.

Mantamar Beach Club is one of the town’s most well-known beach bars and grills. The beautiful resort is famed for its sushi restaurant and swimming pool. Some of the pool areas are elevated above the beach below and feature glass walls.

A fortnight ago, two of the guests – it’s not known if they traveling together or had just met – clearly got overly amorous with one another in one of the glass-walled pools: in full view of the public beach below.

We know that Puerto Vallarta is a gay hotspot and it’s easy to lose one’s inhibitions after a couple of mojitos, but guys, come on!


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Given the public location, the incident was caught on cellphone cameras and quickly made its way to YouTube. You can see a pixelated version of the video here.

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The display was viewed dimly by local authorities. A local LGBT group were also not impressed. Colectivo Vallarta LGBT issued a statement saying it “did not approve”. It said sexuality is something to be enjoyed, provided it doesn’t impact on third parties. In this case, the club is on a public beach, used by families, and such behavior can impact on the reputation of the local LGBTQ community.

It said: “As a collective, we have demanded respect for the LGBT population and for the same reason we say that in order to demand it we must begin to respect ourselves.”

Municipal authorities ruled last Thursday that the beach club will now be fined for allowing the public display to take place.

Responding to a request for comment from GayCities, a Mantamar Beach Club spokesperson said, “We are sorry for what happened, we will take strict measures so that it never happens again.”

The Instagram video below gives a good idea of the swimming pool area.


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