Parliament House: Gay Orlando icon on the brink

The Parliament House, known to Orlando travelers and locals as the spot to drink, stay and, after closing hours, play, may soon be no more. The resort has been around since the 60s, but financial troubles may force the popular venue to shut its doors for good. Have you visited the Parliament House recently? Is this a community landmark worth fighting for ? We want to hear from you!

Photo by Parliament House


  • jerzy

    I’m not surprised..
    Everything else in this country is tankn’
    The economy, jobs U name-it & its not over yet.
    They said, its going 2B a rough ride,
    well this rough ride should have been over
    People need JOBS HELLO!!!
    is anybody listening…

  • michaelkdaytonabeach

    According the Orlando Sentinel its not in financial trouble their bank is but not them personally

  • inchief

    It’s not worth saving.  The place is a disaster.  It’s falling apart, it’s unsafe (recent tazings, car jackings, shooting in the past few months alone.  It’s another place with straight people fleecing the community.  It’s owners have a very long history of promising change and not delivering on it.  The time shares are just one example.  Their pool and fitness center keeps getting put off.  One reason for that is the owners diverted the money to a new company (Charabell)….another case pending against them.  It’s financial troubles aren’t over by any means.  It’s all public record look it up.  They just keep postponing the court date.

  • ryan20

    I think you are mixing up Orlando Sentinel with Watersmudge.  Watermark ALWAYS gets it wrong.  They listen to the owners who, of course, say their financial troubles are over.   The court dockets paint a much different picture.  

  • Shaknbobbysindrm

    Hopefully the hooked dump will close. Maybe The Brink will help it along.

  • Rocky

    Well if you like this place or not it does make money on the weekends and they did upgrade the rooms a BIT I go there for the shows and a beer or two, I don’t want to see it closed like so many of you gays do out on your quest, if you don’t like it stop going there, I want to see more money put in to the place to fix it up!
    If this place was not open where are we going to go ? The Pluse? some of us are to old for that place and are too young for Hanks. Mr Sisters was going to have it all look where it is now and the BRINK well good luck to them but will be in the same place next year I think!