PHOTOS: 10 of the world’s sexiest nude beaches to enjoy safely this summer

We remain quarantined in fundamental ways–no bars, cafes or crowded restaurants that are staples of life in the ‘hood. Those suffering from the claustrophobia of sheltering in space are understandably looking for safe ways to dip their feet into the warm travel waters again this summer, especially with both pride weekend and the 4th of July holiday season upon us.

With the ferocity and ubiquity of the coronavirus, it’s important to think carefully through the choices. One option is to plan a road trip, preferably by car, to the beach. (Put trips that require plane or train travel on your bucket list.) Outdoor spots provide distance and open-air protection and the rays you have been missing sitting on your couch.

Traditionally gay nude beaches also offer eye candy in a time when pornhub is probably just not doing the trick anymore.

When diving back in, make sure to pack plenty of SPF, hand sanitizer, rainbow masks and stay six feet apart, as difficult as that might be when that hottie is just a rainbow towel away.

If you’re looking for clothing-optional options that include the sun, sand, and surf get thee to a nude beach. The following beaches have all reopened for the summer season. Please check the safety guidelines at each location.

Please comment to add suggestions if your favorite didn’t make the cut.

Praia do Abricó, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema is fun and all but if you’re looking for a boy from Ipanema, you have a better chance of finding him sunning his backside 25 miles west of Copacabana at the “Apricot Beach,” popular since the mid 1940s. Expect a low-key, mellow (yet handsome) crowd avoiding crowds and watching the day go by.

Obelisk Beach, Mosman, Australia

Located on the north side of Sydney’s harbor, all you really need at Obelisk is a bottle of sunscreen and a jug of water. Nude sunbathing is allowed on the beach and though it might be less frequented than Lady Jane there’s still a nice crowd (without all the tourists).

Black’s Beach, San Diego 

Could this be America’s biggest (and sexiest) nude beach? Head just north of San Diego to a really special spot just below La Jolla. If you see a sign that says “danger,” then pull out that towel and claim your spot. There’s plenty to see and do on this clean and popular spot.

Haulover Beach, Miami

Haulover Beach Park, a stretch of land between the Inter-coastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean offers pristine white sand, open-air surf, shaded picnic areas, sand dunes, concession stands, and a surprising number of men. The popular beach draws up to 7,000 on busy days, with many of them sauntering to the northern sections of the area to drop those sand traps they call swimsuits and let it all hang out.

Little Beach, Maui

Little Beach, at 650 feet long, is one of the most admired Hawaiian nudist beaches. Popular starting in ’60s, this tranquil hotspot is popular among locals and tourists alike. Natives come out of the woodworks for drum circles, swimming, and “fire dancing” and perhaps a few glances at the eye candy. Be sure to stay for the sunset, it’s out of this world…

Wreck Beach, Vancouver

How many visitors do you think Wreck Beach gets in a year? Ten, twenty, thirty thousand visitors? Think again. The hot little landscape is actually the second biggest clothing-optional beach in North America, with over 100,000 visitors each year. The beach itself is located on traditional Musqueam land, hugging the western tip of the Point Grey headland within Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Sun-seekers can join in volleyball or group dice games or munch on delicious bites like Peruvian empanadas from local vendors or join in beach casino (nude only, of course). Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot.

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach was infamously the home to the first “Burning Man” celebration. When the fog rolls out over the bay and the temperatures rise sun-seekers flock to the rocks and sandy shore. Take in the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and flickering reflections of San Francisco structures and sky rises. Go North to shed the clothes and join the like-minded naturalists. Don’t worry, nobody is going to mind if you flash those pretty buns out across the bay.

Hanlan’s Point, Toronto

Hanlan’s Point has officially been clothing optional since 2002 and people really let it hang out. Before you lift your kaftan make sure you are in the designated area. Word of warning: Dip those toes in the water before diving in, the water can be a bit brisk until later in the season. Don’t worry if the water’s too cold, there’s plenty to scope out on the beach with the Toronto skyline shimmering in the distance.

Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


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Sandy Bay may feel like it’s over the river and through the woods but be prepared for your jaw to drop on arrival. The water is freezing cold, so leave the floaties and flippers at the hotel pool. The beach itself is about ten miles outside of Cape Town, and quite a hike from the parking lot but the serene wooded walkways leading up to the stunning gay mecca will definitely calm the excitement. Be sure to bring water, snacks, and clear your calendar because if you’ve made the trek so for heaven’s sake spend the whole day!

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey


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A nude beach in Jersey? Don’t worry, you will never find Chris Christie at Sandy Hook. Maybe Vinny & Pauly D. While Nudism is technically illegal in New Jersey Gunnison rests on part of an old fortress protected New York’s coveted harbor. Sea Captain Henry Hudson discovered the famous beach in the early 1600s and boatloads of New Yorkers started flocking to the clothing free beach since the ’70s. One can find quite the crowd of like-minded queer naturalists any day of the week, all summer long, especially over those long sandy weekends.

Be sure to scope out a prime spot early and stay six feet away from with your neighbors.