PHOTOS: 10 of the world’s sexiest nude beaches to enjoy this summer

Traditionally gay nude beaches offer eye candy in a time when pornhub, dominating our fantasies during the pandemic, is probably just not doing the trick anymore.

When diving back into real-world events, make sure to pack plenty of SPF, that special speedo that’s been in dry dock for three years, and grab a rainbow towel or two.

If you’re looking for clothing-optional options that include the sun, sand, and surf get thee to a nude beach. The following beaches have all reopened for the summer season.

Please check local rules about nudity–they can change.

1 – Praia do Abricó, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema is fun and all but if you’re looking for a boy from Ipanema, you have a better chance of finding him sunning his backside 25 miles west of Copacabana at the “Apricot Beach,” popular since the mid-1940s. Expect a low-key, mellow (yet handsome) crowd avoiding crowds and watching the day go by.