Here’s how travel experts are spending the lockdown

In the 2019 Best of GayCities, you picked your favorite travel influencers, from the Nomadic Boys to Arielle Scarcella.

We rely on this group of travel experts to lead us (usually via great photography) to safe and friendly destinations, where we can enjoy amazing experiences while being our true selves.

Of course, when it comes to travel, we are a long way from the heyday of 2019, and we’re still not sure exactly when we can hit the road again.

So we decided to take a look and see where these folks are holed up in this post-travel world and what they are up to. If these inveterate travelers can handle shelter in place orders, so can we.  

1. Travels of Adam


2. The N0madicBoys

The Nomadic Boys are at home in Cyprus in self-isolation. Their last trip was in February, scuba diving in Turks and Caicos islands

3. Yummertime

All dressed up with nowhere to go in Brooklyn.

4. Kasedna Travel

5. Asian Maple Leaf

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The new (unfortunate) norm! 😷 It was so nice to get out for some fresh air and sun this weekend…it felt like we have been cooped up inside forever! It’s fine to go out for essentials and exercise but please don’t be a jerk and make sure you wear a mask! It’s like putting on a jacket or grabbing your keys, make it a habit! I have them right by the front door so that we don’t forget. Stay safe everyone! 💜 #psa #donewithquarantine #quarantinelife #staysafe #weareinthistogether #wearamask #covid19 #nyc #newyork — Oh and what’s the first thing you are going to do after this is over? I started to make a list of all the things I want to do and took for granted before. Share some of your ideas with me! 💜 📸 @hollylau01

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6. Ravi Round The World

Ravi counted his blessings

7. This Colorful World

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Woufghh. What a rough start of the year. But how wonderful that feeling of brightness, ease, hope and life is. When it comes back to your body and mind to remind you that beautiful moments await. In fact, they’re always there. We just can’t see them sometimes. My love – – – – I am so looking forward to this spring and summer in the Swedish countryside. Having morning coffees like these together at our little farm @smedtorpetsweden ❤️ Just living and loving life together ❤️ We hope that you all are seeing and feeling some brightness and ease as well, despite all that’s going on. Crazy times. We know. Sending extra love and positive vibes over to you wherever you are in the world. Actually! Where in the world are you guys? Has spring arrived?💋💋💋

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8. Arielle Scarcella