Here are the pride festivals that are canceled or rescheduled, so far

Pride has been canceled.

In some cities, it was just postponed, and organizers say they will reschedule. But in many places, yes it has been completely canceled, see you next year.

As the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 sweeps around the globe, organizers of events like pride festivals have no choice but to withhold any celebrations, which would bring together large groups of people who could potentially spread the virus.

InterPride, an international organization that promotes pride celebrations around the world, has created a map of pride events around the world that have announced changes in their plans.

Kristine Garina, a member of InterPride and President of European Pride Organisers Association, released a statement that said: “Today brings the devastating news that the number of Prides cancelling or postponing because of COVID19 will pass 100, and it’s very clear that this pandemic is going to have a huge impact on our movement.” 

As a general trend, the smaller pride events are the cancellations, which is sad because those small prides can be a lot of fun. Some large events in Asia have canceled, such as Pink Dot in Singapore and One Big Pride in Manila, The Philippines.

Among the big prides in the U.S. to postpone are Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Pride of the Americas in Fort Lauderdale, although they have not yet announced dates for if/when the events will happen.

Most pride events are scheduled in the summer, usually in June, and those organizations have mostly not made any announcements about their plans. There is some possibility (and lots of hope) that the coronavirus pandemic will at least be on the decline by then. Stay tuned. And go wash your hands!

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