GayCities is searching for the next travel pics superstar—could it be you?

As the travel industry is grinding to a halt, and hundreds of millions of people around the world have been ordered to stay home, everybody is dreaming of escaping to a happier place—laying on a beautiful beach, taking a scenic hike in the mountains, perhaps sampling snacks in a little street market somewhere. 

Now is the time for dreams. Let’s live vicariously through travelers who have seen the world, and who can help everyone get excited for the day when the stress of being stuck at home will be just a bizarre memory.

Is that traveler you?


Do you have spectacular travel photos? Do you think your Instagram account is influencer-status? Send us your pics or posts and we’ll share them, and give everyone something to dream about during these doldrums of 2020.

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What makes a great travel photo? Here are some ideas:

  • Beautiful scenery, in focus
  • Beautiful people, all types
  • Photos that tell a story, and transport us to the location and the moment

Pics of beaches and mountains are great. But so are pics of fabulous hotels, and rowdy nightclubs, and unique cultural experiences that invite readers to be part of the fun.

Email danrenzi@gaycities with a few examples.

Everyone at Q Digital—LGBTQNation, Queerty, and GayCities—hope you’re looking forward to happier times ahead. Let’s err on the side of optimism, and presume everything will be over soon.




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