Dina Martina’s Five Favorite Things about New Orleans


What is a Dina Martina show: Is it drag? Is it performance art? Is it a rallying cry for the unhinged among us? Perhaps, yes.

Labels aside, Dina’s shows are irreverent, unusual, and not always politically correct. But after you think about the jokes for a moment, they can be laugh-out-loud funny. This is next-level drag, the kind of show that is best enjoyed with an open mind, and perhaps an open tab at the bar.


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GayCities absolutely adores Dina Martina. GayCities is also a huge fan of New Orleans, so when Dina announced her upcoming show Forgotten but Not Gone in NOLA, we asked her to share her favorite things about visiting the city. Enjoy! 



1) I like to go to The Bayou, cuz it’s fun but in a swampy way and stuff hangs down and crocodiles and dinosaurs are livin’ their lives hangin’ tough and shopping, etc.

2) I like to do The Mardi Gras cuz it’s fun but in a party-hardy way LOL and there’s lotsa hooch and confetti and beads of the world and boobs of the world, but yeah, all kindsa beads: shiny beads, string beads, Mexican jumping beads, bath oil beads, refried beads, etc. Masks.

3) I like The Mighty Mississip cuz she’s “The Gateway to the NOLA” and she’s moist and she carries plastic bags out to the Pacific Ocean Plastic Bag Island™ so they can be reunited with all the other plastic bags and they can party down.

4) I like The French Quarter cuz they pronounce it “French Quahtah” and they French kiss all the tourists and all the restaurants serve French toast and French fries and French dip sandwiches and all the gift shoppes sell French ticklers.

5) Golden Corral.


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Dina Martina, with her good friends Alan Cumming, and NPR’s Ari Shapiro.


Dina Martina’s Forgotten but Not Gone will be March 27, 2020 at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans. Presented by Daniel Nardicio. Tickets here.

photo by David Belisle