Evah Destruction from ‘Dragula’ dishes on Dallas, eating bugs, and beating that ‘filthy entertainer’

Following the Season 3 finale of the alt-drag reality competition web series Dragula, the show has been snatched up by Netflix and is officially bleeding into mainstream culture. Dragula is produced by L.A. nightlife team the Boulet Brothers, and audiences need to prepare themselves for the onslaught of shocking, gross-out competitions that the contestants are thrilled to perform. Drink blood? Eat insects? Get pierced with body modification needles just for fun? Welcome to Dragula.

In honor of the show’s success, we met up with the show’s punk clown princess Evah Destruction to dish on Dragula, her favorite stomping grounds in Dallas and Austin, and why she ate cockroach on television.

How did you get started in drag?

Oh gosh, it was almost 9 years ago in a hole in the wall in Georgia. I always wanted to do musical theatre after high school, but I didn’t get the opportunity. I saw what drag was and I was like, ‘Let me try this once a week.’ I started doing local competitions and getting my feet settled in the heels. Then it became an addiction and I couldn’t stop.

What’s your favorite drag lewk?

One of the more obvious ones would be the clown lewk I did for the performance that basically made my career go viral back in 2014. I owe my entire career to that performance.


How much of a factor was being on television? If it was back when Dragula was a live stage show (at Precinct DTLA), would you still have done it?

Absolutely! I am such an overachiever by nature. Bring it on!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely. Beating Hollow Eve, of all people, during the competition was something I was more shocked by, because they are such a filthy entertainer, as far as subject matter and type of art. But kicking them out of the competition because I a blew a roach at them, that in itself shocked me the most. Hollow ended up eating the cockroach after we were done. Seeing that, I was like, ‘There is no other time to do this,’ so I asked production to give me another cockroach and I ate one as well. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this right. 

You also did an extermination against Louisianna Purchase where you stapled your leg. Did it hurt?

The worst part is the psychological aspects of it. In an instant, you think it’s going to really hurt. Honestly, it’s almost like somebody took a lighter to your skin for 2 seconds. It’s more of a quick burn than a piercing pain. It lingers for just a second, but it goes away. We made sure to get the fatty parts so it’s not as painful. 

Now let’s talk about your home town. What’s your favorite venue to perform drag in Dallas?

The Rose Room (at Station 4) is such a beautiful venue. I was actually surprised by the drag there. When you think Dallas, you think: big hair, jewels, pageantry, glamour. Which it is. But at the same time, there’s this lovely subculture that exists in that glamour community that is the alternative drag scene. They have a couple of drag kings and genderqueer artists that perform in the shows. The scene is evolving.

Favorite Restaurant?

I’m a sucker for good tacos. The first place I think of is Torchy’s. I also have an obsession for Thai food. There’s this great place in Austin called the Green Mango. So good! 

Favorite Gay Bar? 

Sue Ellen’s, one of the lesbian bars in Dallas, is my preferred space: a great central bar, a clear dance area, a patio. Plus, it’s more diverse. You get both queer spectrums. You get the women and men. It’s not just male-dominated. I enjoy the Round Up Saloon, too. You get a little bit of everything there.

Best shop to get an edgy lewk?

I was just introduced to a costume shop in Austin called Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds. It’s been around 20 or 30 years. It’s jam-packed. Its got 3 different buildings attached. It’s huge. You’re in there for a while. It’s my new favorite hot spot.

All photos were provided by Evah Destruction.

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