Margaret Efthim on WorldPride: “I’m mixing my masc and femme influences”

“Acceptance Matters” is a series of interviews with locals during WorldPride month in New York City.

Margaret Efthim at Club Cumming

Margaret Efthim (she/her), a lover of pinky rings, lives in Astoria, Queens, and is the founder of Leslie New York City, a women-driven event series empowering the queer community.

Margaret was photographed and interviewed by Ames Beckerman at Club Cumming in New York City.

What’s your pride style?

Bold and playful with a throwback twist, while mixing ‘masc’ and ‘femme’ influences. Those who know me would agree I’m never afraid of being too loud.

What does pride at 50 mean to you?

Gratitude! Recognizing the many hardships endured and lives sacrificed to get the queer community to this point. The work is far from done, but it feels amazing to unite and celebrate in the best city in the world.

How are you planning to celebrate this year?

My favorite event will definitely be Leslie Pride on Sunday at Concept. I’m so thankful to the community and spaces that have supported our efforts to honor queer artistry and joy. The other events I’m most excited to attend are the Dyke March and Hot Rabbit Pride.

How are you trying to practice love and acceptance this pride season?

Amplifying and listening to queer voices of all types. There’s no singular story when it comes to being queer. For me, this is the first pride in which I’ll be participating as an active member of the New York City queer community. I plan to seek out new stories and learn as much as I can.

Interview and photos by Ames Beckerman