Pride advice from Seattle muscle monster Michael

Well, hello! Feast your eyes on the enchanting physique of Michael, a designer living (and lifting) in Seattle.

He’s prepping for a busy pride season but took time out of his busy gay agenda to offer a few tips on pride season in the beautiful city.

What’s your pride style?

MICHAEL: My style is leather chic or leather designer. I love Mr. S or Nasty Pig, but I also love Burberry. I wish Burberry made a harness.

How do you celebrate pride?

MICHAEL: For me, I like the energetic crazy stuff. I want to go to underground circuit parties, with a thousand men in jockstraps. I live the designer life at a big software company, and it’s great that they have rainbow stickers around pride, but I also want stickers of jockstraps.

What’s your favorite place to celebrate?

MICHAEL: Cuff is the best block party. That’s the one you have to get a ticket to. Or if you’re young and into the party scene, Kremwerk. Also, the Capitol Hill vendor fair — part of being gay is buying gay people’s stuff. I bought a flag at Doghouse Leathers to support local gay business.

Photos provided by Michael