Hot cop Seth Tyler from ‘The Amazing Race’ wants you to come to Seattle’s PrideFest

Photo provided by Seth Tyler

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Super-cute Seth Tyler was a contestant on Season 29 of The Amazing Race, and although he didn’t win the competition, he won lots of fans from the moment he smiled into the camera.

When he isn’t at the gym working on those biceps, Tyler is a police officer with the Bellevue Police Department in the Seattle area, and he also serves as an LGBTQ liaison for the department.

We asked Officer Tyler what he likes best about Seattle, and what makes the Pride celebration there one of the best parties in the Northwest.

What makes Seattle a great place to live?

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Seattle is so close to nature. You’ve got hiking, skiing, boating, and camping all within an hour’s drive of the city. And Seattle is close to other great northwest cities like Vancouver and Portland. The community in the northwest is really connected, and it’s great to have friends across the region.

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, and Pride celebrations are going to be big this year. Do you plan on participating? 

One of the great things about Seattle’s Pride is that it’s not just an event for our community. The entire city comes out. The Seattle Center PrideFest, which is held after the parade under the Space Needle, is a great opportunity to check out live music, get some food, or just play in the fountain shirtless if the weather cooperates.

Why do you think Pride festivals have become so popular?

I think they’ve evolved from being focused on raising awareness of our issues and fight to events that also celebrate how far we’ve come and include our allies, friends, and neighbors. It’s great to see all of the straight people and their kids participating in Pride.


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What is your favorite restaurant in Seattle?

I really like Plum on Capitol Hill. It’s a vegan restaurant that serves up some amazing dishes. The spicy Cajun macaroni and cheese and the buffalo portobello burger are both delicious.

Seattle is the birthplace of coffee culture in America. Do you have a favorite place to go for a cup? What do you order?

I’m a Starbucks guy, there’s one on every corner here. Give me a good Pike Place roast or, if it’s a hot day, an iced coffee with some 2%. Yes, I know it’s basic.

Where is the place to see-and-be-seen?

Capitol Hill is the gayborhood in Seattle. Union and Queer Bar are both guaranteed to be busy on weekends.

Where in Seattle are all the hot guys?

At the gym! Duh.

If people are coming to Seattle for Pride, at what hotel would you recommend they stay?

The great thing about Seattle is there are lots of boutique gay-friendly hotels that are centrally located. I personally like the Thompson Hotel downtown.

Its bar, Nest, is a great place to watch the sunset while enjoying a fancy cocktail.