The return of Caligula: It’s time again for Black Party NYC


2019 is a big year for anniversaries: Besides being the 50th Stonewall celebration, this year also marks the 40th Black Party in NYC.

The oldest circuit party in the US and one of the largest of its kind in the world, The Black Party promises a night of leather, fetish, and “strange live acts” that will endure in the memories of all who attend, presuming they remember anything about the night at all.

The raunchfest hosts approximately 5,000 people—mostly men, but all genders are welcome—who dress up in NSFW garb, dance the night away, and find dark enclaves where they indulge their most deliciously twisted fantasies. Or they can hang out and people watch, which is also fun.

2019’s concept theme is “Caligula,” named after the ancient Roman emperor who used his palace as a whorehouse and engaged in sexual acts far too twisted to mention here. So there will be some gladiators and a toga or two, but the general idea stays the same. Wear your sexiest garb, think your kinkiest thoughts, and leave your inhibitions behind, because anything goes within those walls.

Also, leave your phone at home, or plan on checking it at the front door, because photos are strictly verboten to protect the “anything goes” atmosphere inside, and anyone seen even holding a phone will be ejected from the building. Discipline can be a lot of fun at The Black Party, but not when it involves being thrown out by security.

The Black Party is one of the cornerstones of the NYC party scene and has become an integral part of the local community. The party starts Saturday, April 6 at 10 pm, thumping away until Sunday, April 7, at 3 pm, and prime arrival times are between 2-4am when the line can be long, so keep that in mind when planning footwear. Tickets start at $160 if bought in advance, and attendees 21-27 years of age get reduced admission of $75. Tickets include access to a free shuttle to parking for anyone who wants to drive. Imagine the sight of that shuttle driving by, filled with leather daddies and guys dressed in full latex body suits. That’s a bus going someplace fun.

Take a look at these photos from past events, which were snapped with permission, showing themes of past parties: