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Garrett Clayton, Delta Work, and 8 reasons to check into this year’s fabulous Disneyland GayDays

The time approaches, that fabulous weekend of nonstop pride and pixie dust. Yes, GayDays Anaheim hits again, this year from October 5-7 at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

As with any visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, pack sunscreen, wear comfortable shoes and cute t-shirt. For GayDays, though, make sure that shirt is a vibrant shade of red. (It’s a tradition, political act, and gaydar to assist in identifying with whom to flirt.)

Get ready to sing all your favorite Disney show tunes. Get tickets to GayDays.

Oh, and remember to look out for a Wicked Queen or two.

1. The Attractions

Whether screaming your head off on Space Mountain, snuggling up on Small World or socializing on the Mark Twain Riverboat, GayDays offers no shortage of chances to make friends and maybe even a romantic one or three.

2. The Plunge!

Bust out that swimsuit and head down to the Majestic Hotel for Plunge!, the official pool party of GayDays Anaheim. Catch some rays, sip a cocktail or three, and try not to get caught ogling the talent.

3. The Celebrities

From out A-listers to the queens of Drag Race, GayDays attracts more than it’s share of famous faces with whom to hobnob.

4. The Men

Need we say more?

5. The Family Picture

Nothing better to cap off the excitement of hanging out in the parks with the family (and the family) than stopping off for the big gay photo outside Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Mingle, mix flirt and enjoy a way to commemorate all your GayDays memories. Everyone gathers outside the castle at 2:30pm on Saturday the 6th for a showing of pride and camaraderie.

6. Wonderland

Before hitting the parks, journey down the rabbit hole. Friday night, land at the nearby Anaheim Garden Walk for Wonderland, a special Disney-themed dance party headlined by Detox of Drag Race fame, and LA’s DJ Ray Rhodes.

7. Kingdom

After a hot day at the parks on Saturday, step into an even hotter dance party: Kingdom, hosted by DJ Roland Blemares and special guests, former Disney star Garret Clayton (Hairspray Live, King Cobra) as well as Drag Race stars Mayhem Miller, Delta Work and Mariah Balenciaga. The evening begins at 9 pm at Kingdom’s new venue, Highway 39.

8. Movie Night

Friday evening before a long weekend at the parks, head out to a more mellow party under the stars. The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel will host a special outdoor screening of Halloween Disney cult classic Hocus Pocus, along with a special cocktail mixer before the film. Added bonus: great seating for the Disneyland fireworks, which will kick off just as the movie ends.

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Photos courtesy of Gay Days Anaheim

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