Watch Tom Goss embrace Japanese traditions while traveling through Kyoto

Tom in Kyoto, Japan

Konnichiwa from Tom Goss!

The singer/songwriter/filmmaker, also known as Trav’lin Tom, just released his newest travel recap of a recent trip to Kyoto, Japan. This fast-paced tour of temples, bamboo groves, food markets, and even Japanese karaoke shows Tom and his bear hubby Mike galavanting around the city.

“For thousands of years, Kyoto was the cultural center and capital of Japan and It shows,” Tom tells GayCities. “It boasts expansive temples and a deep sense of tradition. As Kyoto modernized, it never lost its sense of culture and history, making it a fascinating example of modern and ancient Japan living side by side.”

Watch Tom and his partner navigate Kyoto in this fun video.

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Photos courtesy of Tom Goss