14 sexy cool climate getaways for escaping the sweltering summer heat

As summer heat rises to records temps (even though global warming is a liberal myth! Not!) it's time to think outside the ice-box on keeping cool this season.

We've thought of three options for escaping sweltering sweats:

Option 1: Hibernate under the air conditioner until sunset when temps become bearable.

Option 2: Coat yourself in sunblock before diving into the nearest pool or beach.

Option 3: Escape to a destination where the summer heat is a distant thought.

The best choice is obviously Option 3.

Whether it's an escape to Australia where the Southern Hemisphere winter offers a unique down under summer experience, or the Pacific Northwest where the coastal breezes require you to pack a hoodie, these are the best cool climate destinations to skip the sizzling season.


Thanks to the lush, year-round rains, Seattle is cucumber cool while most other climates are nearly impossible during summer. Average temperatures here hover around 75 degrees.


P-town of the West Coast, Portland is both a hipster enclave and a fortress of natural beauty. Get all of the outdoor fun and none of the oppressive summer humidity.


Head to Vancouver where the warm, dry months are April through October. Summers are pleasant and so are the locals. Make some new Canadian friends, eh?

San Francisco

The land of built-in air conditioning, San Francisco is year-round cool. The city by the bay is perfect for escaping the heat -- in fact, you may even want to pack a hoodie.


Stockholm in summer: temperatures are warmest and daylight lasts the longest. Expect an average of 70 degrees, and pack those layers when evening temps drop by 10 to 20 degrees.


Copenhagen's hottest month is July with average temps about 63 degrees. Want a real adventure? Fly direct to Greenland from Denmark and go glacier skiing.


Nights get chilly here, but the summer days are crisp bliss. Enjoy moderate temps while you raft up the river, bike and hike, and enjoy Colorado's breathtakingly beautiful views.


Milwaukee affords pleasant daytime temperatures during the peak summer season. Perfect for Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts wanting to keep cool under leather biker jackets.

Buenos Aires

Known as "The Paris of South America," Buenos Aires is a must-see if you plan to visit South America. While we are sweltering up here in North America, it's winter in Argentina.


Another Southern Hemisphere favorite is Australia. Winter down under means fewer tourists, better flight deals, less crowded beaches and roads. Whale watching adventures are at their peak.


Scotland's capital deserves a visit. Edinburgh is a festival city with stunning architectural gems and beautiful lush parks with outdoor music events.


No other major city stays anywhere as tepid as Reykjavík, Iceland, where maximum temperatures average a meagre 55 degrees. Bundle up!


With temperatures averaging in the mid-60s all summer long, Glasgow is the perfect UK escape. Make it an even longer weekend and hop over to London.

Mexico City

Thanks to its mile-high altitude, the climate of Mexico's capital is pleasant. Check out the Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera art and Aztec artifacts while sipping the lightly-alcoholic "pulque."