11 still-thriving gay resort towns to help plan your sizzling summer travel

Some say queer meeting places are a thing of the past in these assimilationist times. But these resort town of beach and sea prove otherwise: Check-out of the routine and check-in to one of these resort towns, and you'll see what we mean.

Most are beachy, and some are peachy in that "Call Me By Your Name" way.

Know a cool gay resort town we forgot? Let us know in the comments!


Massachusetts' coastal oasis is centered in Cape Cod and "P-town," as those in-the-know call it, is a destination for lesbians and gays. Hike a trail or relax in the sand.


Southwest of Barcelona in Spain's Catalonia region, Sitges is known for Mediterranean beaches that are perfect for curling up with a book or snuggling up to your sexy date during sunset.

Puerto Vallarta

In Mexico's Jalisco state, gays flock to "PV" for the humidity, beaches, and gay nightlife scene. Near Zona Romantica, stop into Blue Chairs resort or one of the many gay bars.

Fire Island

Rent one of the beautiful Fire Island homes along the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean coastline. Pines Beach is perfect for cruising and Cherry Grove, which is less Chelsea and more bohemian.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs isn't coastal or beachy -- the opposite, in fact. This dessert oasis is a popular California destination for dry summer heat and countless poolside cocktails.

Fort Lauderdale

Gays from all along the East Coast consider Ft. Lauderdale their second home with many flocking here for long weekends and entire summers.


As one of the top gay-friendly destinations in the the world, gays from every corner of the globe come together on this Greek island. Mykonos is a mix of beaches, parties, and flavors.

Rehoboth Beach

When we think of gay resort towns, Delaware's Rehoboth Beach is a pleasant surprise. Stroll along the boardwalk hand-in-hand with your lover or make new friends at the bars.


In Hawaii, Maui has a number of gay-friendly businesses for you to let your hair down. Enjoy breathtaking views, sprawl out on black sand beaches and relax at lush, tropical gay spas.

Cape Town

Known as "Pink City," the gay capital of Africa is Cape Town. It's not uncommon to see LGBTQ travelers proudly displaying their freedom around the suburb of Green Point.


Nice is one of France's most recent gay hotspots on the Mediterranean with gay venues and a friendly, welcoming environment. Rue de Bonaparte particularly has much of the gay excitement.