What Is The Gayest City In The World In 2016?


These days great cities across the globe, from Seattle to Berlin, vie for your visits and dollars. But which major city is actually the best, according to you, LGBTQ traveler? Which would you recommend to the world?

Which has the sexiest singles scene?

The tastiest food?

What’s the hottest gayborhood?

Vote for all your favorites in the annual Best of GayCities and win a trip for two.

Anyone can win. But you must be a GayCities member to be entered to win. The more you vote, the more entries you receive.


Polls close December 15, 2016. You must be a US resident to win the prize. See the complete rules.


  • Anonymous

    @[email protected]–Performed [email protected]—I Have Lived in Arizona Now for about–20-Yrs–and I think that. Phoenix is One of the Best “GAY”–Cities for me Personally

  • Anonymous

    Click bait on top of click bait

  • Anonymous

    as i can see mostly us cities. Hum! interesting. umbelivable!…

  • Anonymous

    I love to move to Toronto, Canada. I think that city is the gayest city in the world. I LOVE TORONTO! Jim Fischer.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly there are “sponsors”.. who want to win these categories… so I bet “STOCKHOLM” and “CURACAO” will be in the winners… the disparity between destinations is frightening… how your editorial board – if you have one, can justify this is beyond reasoning.