Honeymoon Travel: Top 5 Things To Know When Planning The Big Trip

Honeymoon tips in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineYou only get one or five shots at a great honeymoon so you may want to start your plan with the ideal vacation and then tweak it according to your budget, desires, preferences, personalities and constraints. Our guide to honeymoons will help you do that. Newlyweds are transitioning from one huge moment in their life to another. The most memorable honeymoons often begin with R&R and include items that both newlyweds want to experience.

Consider your primary objectives, have a clear agreement of where you both want to go, and what you’ll enjoy doing together, so this can be a lifelong memory of an amazing first journey and not a sore spot.

Here are five tips for planning the perfect honeymoon. There are many more tips in ManAboutWorld’s guide to Honeymoons, Weddings, and Celebrations.

1. Don’t break the bank …

One popular trend is creating a “wedding gift list” registry to finance the honeymoon plan, where family and friends can contribute to the cost, this way you might be able to go far beyond your own budget, and have a dream-come-true honeymoon. Trust us:  It’s a much better investment than anything else you might register for at Williams-Sonoma.

 2. Think outside the box

Honeymoon tips in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineThe power of recommendation should not be underrated. Ask friends and family who’ve been there and done that for their top tips for honeymoon bliss, or which hotel they had a blast at. The Hawaiian Honeymoon is iconic, and you’re guaranteed to get lei’d. But not every couple is suited for a relaxing beach vacation. Romance is where you find it. Try something new — it’s a deeply intimate bonding experience to go somewhere neither of you has been. Be original. You are brave and unique enough to be a same-sex couple getting married so why consider a common destination where everybody goes? Dare to go someplace unusual. You’ll be talking about it for years afterwards.

 3. Don’t forget to prep

Once you’ve thought about how much you can spend and what kind of experience you’d like to have, it’s time to start researching the possibilities, and making your bookings.

We recommend you call an expert! Sure, the Internet has made it possible for you to repair your own dishwasher. But would you ever attempt it? Working with a travel planner is our top recommendation for preparing your perfect honeymoon. If you don’t already have one, the ManAboutWorld Global Correspondents and other experts whose wisdom and experience created this guide are available to help you plan your own milestone travel experience — you’ll find their bios and contact information in the last section of this guide.

 4. Packing Tips

Honeymoon tips in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineThe best advice we’ve gotten works for any trip really: lay out all your clothes and money, and then take half the clothes and double the money. Ideally you’ll pack everything you can fit into one bag. You want to be comfortable; don’t rough it on your luxurious trip. In your carry-on, take a few days’ worth of clothing for each of you so if one of your bags goes missing, you can both survive a few days. And utilize one of the new high-tech tracking services in case your bag is lost like Wistiki which is essentially private GPS for your bags.

5. Buy travel insurance

Gay destination weddings in ManAboutWorld and GayCitiesEven if your medical insurance covers you overseas, supplemental insurance covers all kinds of contingencies that can go wrong. The peace of mind is well worth the cost. 

With your bags packed, and your vows exchanged, let the honeymooning begin. Before your honeymoon gift yourself a FREE three-month subscription to ManAboutWorld to download the free Guide to Weddings, Honeymoons and Celebration Travel along with other free and paid guides.

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