PHOTOS: It Was All Skin & Leather And Little Else At Folsom Street Fair


An estimated 400,000 libertine types crowded the streets of San Francisco last weekend for the annual kaleidoscope of kink known as the Folsom Street Fair, the world’s biggest leather event. The fair included the usual assortment of sadomasochistic flair, including men and women donning leather dog masks and being led around on leashes, pulling carts, crawling around in cages or writhing around in giant cribs wearing adult diapers and, well, nothing else.

We can hardly wait until next year!

Scroll down for a peek at the shenanigans, and see the full kinky album over at the GayCities Photo Galleries page…




Photo credit: Crowd Album


  • Anonymous

    Folsom and other “leather” events in SF, Chicago, DC, NYC, etc. have been jokes since the 80s. I wonder how many of those men are HIV+ or became HIV+ that weekend?

  • Anonymous

    Clark35 your tired speculation just illuminates how obsessed you are with the status and activities of other people.

    Christ are you a loser……

  • Anonymous

    Who is Clark35?

  • Anonymous

    What does HIV status have to do with it? Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Events like Folsom St. fair and all of the jokey ones that have nothing to do with leather/BDSM anymore, are all about people taking lots of drugs like meth and others and having bareback sex…so that’s what HIV has to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Not Clark35 our wonderful Queerty troll from hell.

  • Anonymous

    Love all the costumes