The Sexiest WeHo Lounge May Actually Be Restoration Hardware


One of the hottest West Hollywood lounges is not a lounge at all—it’s the Restoration Hardware store on Melrose Ave.

Only in L.A. would the gays take their obsession with design so seriously that they would hang out in a furniture store, right? Actually it’s not as crazy as it seems. The strange scenario started in late 2014, when Restoration Hardware opened a massive store near the cluster of gay bars around Santa Monica Blvd. and Robertson, but did so on one condition from the West Hollywood city government: the store needed to include “public space” so visitors could come in and hang out, whether they want to buy furniture or not.

Why the bizarre request? The third floor of the building raises higher than its two-story neighbors, so the city wanted to make sure anyone and everyone would have the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful view of the nearby Hollywood Hills.


Restoration Hardware conquered the challenge with panache: they designed a stunning outdoor lounge, filled with delightfully comfortable couches and chairs, as well as olive trees, a pergola for shade, and a pool table and a ping pong table.



Stunning views, aren’t they? Speaking of stunning views, check out the battle royale occurring at the ping pong table:





You mad, bro?

Restoration Hardware doesn’t serve alcohol, or any drinks actually, but that’s easily remedied. Go across the street to Urth Caffé, buy a fancy tea or coffee of some sort, and bring it back upstairs to spend the day lounging. This Restoration Hardware has become the place to see and be seen, where business meetings take place beside shoppers resting their weary feet. And occasionally a salesperson will wander by with customers who seem interested in buying an outdoor couch.

Pay them no mind. You can stay as long as you like.

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