PHOTOS: See Why Fubar’s “BFD” Party Thrives After 13 Consecutive Years


Although West Hollywood is a young city–it incorporated as a city officially in 1984–its history as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah goes back over a century, a fact that has been gleefully celebrated by residents and visitors over the years.

In the early 20th century, when L.A. was developing thanks to the entertainment industry, the area “west of Hollywood” remained unincorprated territory, free from the constraints of city laws. Nightclubs opened and entertained the glamorous set, and during the Prohibition years liquor poured in West Hollywood while the rest of the city sat thirsty and sober. Some of those bars even welcomed men who (gasp!) enjoyed the romantic company of other men! How devilish.


Enough with the history lesson. West Hollywood is now all grown up and law-abiding and respectable-like, a real city with a mayor and stuff, but bits of debauchery survive. Fubar, a gay dive bar that sits a few miles east of WeHo’s main cluster of nightspots, has hosted a variety of wild parties over the years, usually with the help of dancers (photos above), and assisted by patrons who jump onto the little stage in various stages of undress (photo below).


Speaking of history (and of scandal), a particularly naughty party at Fubar has made nightlife history for running for over 13 years: Big Fat D!ck (edited here only because we have to), the Thursday night event hosted by nightlife impresario Mario Diaz. It is on record as being the longest-running party in all of L.A., and it is a fine achievement.


BFD, as Diaz refers to it, draws a great crowd.



What makes this party special? It’s not just the scantily-clad fellows dancing on the bar, or the great music; it’s an energy that gets people to let loose a little more than the pretty-boy aesthetic typical in WeHo bars. Says Diaz of BFD: “We’re known for our dark and dirty vibe.”


That’s Diaz in the middle, with two of his BFD dancers. Diaz chooses all the outfits for the box boys.

But the main attraction of BFD is the photo contest, where people can…actually, it’s best if Diaz explains it himself:

“Anyone can enter the photo contest, which we hold in the back dressing room. People go back and have sexy, silly and sometimes raunchy photos taken. Usually it’s a cock or an ass or tits or some kind of fusion of the three. We print the photos on 8-by-10 card stock and hang them on a clothesline in the main room. At the end of the night, we pick a winner by audience applause. I go through the pictures one by one and whichever one gets the most reaction wins. We then bring them up on stage to take a bow and collect the prize.”

The audience takes the contest very seriously, and gives a lot of thought to the voting process.



The prizes vary, depending on what Diaz can scrounge up: sometimes it’s a free bottle of liquor, sometimes it’s a gift certificate to a sex toy shop, whatever, although it also comes with bragging rights of having the prettiest naughty bits in the room. But win or lose, just entering the contest is the most fun. Says Diaz: “Things get pretty dirty in that back room sometimes.”


Here is a contestant having a portrait taken of his nether-regions. We’re not sure this fine gentleman knew a photo was being taken of his face, so we’ve obscured his identity.

His friend was certainly impressed by what he saw.


But it’s going to be hard to beat this lad in the photo below. Trust us. We’ve seen what is beyond the edge of this photo.


fubar-winnerCongratulations to him and his prize-winning peen, which again we had to obscure. Although all those hot dogs on that clothesline are hiding quite a spectacle.

It’s always a fun time at Fubar.


Miss Fame from RuPaul’s Drag Race,  below out of drag, thinks so too.


(Photos by Rolling Blackouts)

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