Santa Monica Beach Makes (Watching) Workouts Sexy

Muscle Beach is an icon of California culture, from its beginnings in the 1930’s as a park to encourage physical fitness to its status as the ultimate destination for body worship. There are two “Muscle Beach” locations: the outdoor gym in Venice is set up to accommodate weightlifting, while in Santa Monica the ropes, rings, and monkey bars attract a more lithe and agile sort.

For instance, we have this lovely specimen modeling his back muscles:

rings…and please note the spectator in the back wearing a helmet and ski goggles. Why? Because, why not? That’s why. Welcome to L.A.

Muscle Beach in Santa Monica is located in the sand south of the Santa Monica Pier, which is also a fun place. Using the Muscle Beach equipment is free, although trying to swing across those rings may cost you your dignity when you fall off and land on your face. (We may know this from experience.) Sometimes it’s best to simply stand back and watch. Speaking of watching: click on the images below to bring these young lads to life. On repeat.


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