L.A.’s Dancing Boys Gather At ‘One Trick Pony’

one+trick+pony+billyAs the gentrification of Hollywood marches on, the grit and grime is slowly being polished away, the tranny hustlers and rough trade working the streets have disappeared, and now the streets are filled with joyful tourists stumbling back to their AirBNB apartments after a night of VIP lounge-hopping.

Sad, isn’t it?

Fret not, for there is still fun to be found. Grandpa Johnson’s, a small and elegant Art Deco lounge serving fancy drinks, hosts One Trick Pony on Tuesday nights, a gathering for boys who like boys to come to Hollywood and romp around a bit. Billy Francesca, the bearded drag entity that often lauds over the L.A. gay nightlife masses (pictured here, with one of her abs-olutely delicious friends), works the room like a proper hostess, giggling and making terribly crude comments to anyone in her line of sight.

There is more than just one trick here, however: Grandpa Johnson’s location in Hollywood happens to be down the street from some of L.A.’s most prestigious dance academies, where professional dancers take hip hop classes as they vie for a spot in the next music video or pop diva tour. This means after their classes, the boys come to the bar. And although there isn’t a proper dance floor, they wiggle around while having a drink or two. And because it is summer, their clothing is loose and much flesh is shown. One Trick Pony isn’t the most crowded of L.A. parties, but what they lack in quantity, the very much accommodate with quality. All those bodies are a spectacular sight.







One Trick Pony, presented by High Gloss Events. Tuesday nights, Grandpa Johnson’s, 1638 N. Cahuenga Blvd. No cover charge.



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