PHOTOS: The World’s Best Gay Beaches 2015


Ken & Ken at the beach Credit Jon Olav Eikenes

You’ve been counting the calories and pounding the pavement and it’s all about to pay off with summer beach season. Or, like us, maybe not! Anyhow, we’ve compiled our annual list of the world’s best gay beaches and picked ten of our favorite spots to play in the surf, catch a few rays, and scope out a whole new season’s worth of the eye candy.

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Tune in next week for our picks of the world’s best nude beaches.

Check out the view of the 10 best gay beaches of 2015…

Farme Beach Credit Wagnerpacheco

Ipanema Sunset Credit thefuturistics

Farme, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

The bears and otters of Rio might prefer Copacabana’s Bolsa, Farme on Rio’s Ipanema is considered “Barbie Land” by locals. Rainbow flags flank crowds of sun seekers and muscle men in skimpy beach attire. Infamous for the Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes song “The Girl from Ipanema”, the beach is often considered one of the sexiest in the world. Swing by and scope out the eye candy…maybe you’ll find a man from Ipanema.

Photos: thefuturistics



Fire Island, New York

Fire Island, the center of outer barrier islands just parallel to Long Island, is a longtime gay mecca and summer destination. Despite a few weather-related speed bumps and literal fires, Cherry Grove and The Pines are back up and running. The sprawling beach passes both communities on the island and they’re additionally linked by a notorious sandy, woodsy, and cruisey section of the island affectionately known as “The Meat Rack”. Popular summer beach parties include the Pines Party and Ascension, but hundreds of chiseled men take the ferry from Sayville on Independence day for the annual “Invasion”.

Photos by Jeffrey James Keyes & vitofun

Maspalomas Credit Ybridex AngeloDemonMaspalomas Credit Alejandro Ramos

Maspalomas Photo Credit: Michael Solmi

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

The cat’s out of the bag: Gran Canaria is a gay summer wonderland. The most popular of the Canary Islands, this island practically straddles the coast of Morocco. With over 100 pristine beaches surrounding the island you never know who you’re going to run into in the alluring sand dunes. Maspalomas has taken off over the past few years, especially the Playa del Inglés region.

Photos by  Ybridex AngeloDemon, Alejandro Ramos, & Michele Solmi

Bondi Beach Credit CAHairyBearNorth Bondi Beach Credit: nexmo24

North Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

North Bondi is the ultimate beach destination for Aussi sun seekers and the rule of thumb is “the more north you travel the gayer the beach (and the better the eye candy). Star performer Pam Ann has boasted in the past that “North Bondi is where all the gay show off their pecks and promenade to and from the water’s edge.” North Bondi is definitely a great place to swim and play in the waves. If you’re looking to let it all hang out, head on over to Lady Bay, one of Sydney’s original nude beaches.

Photo Credit: CAHairyBear nezmo24

Sebastian Beach Credit wellnascimento926461_701476433222201_352102812_n

Sebastian Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Located near most of the gay resorts, Sebastian Street is the most popular beach destination for gay tourists. Populated mostly by men, this beach is see-and-be-seen in that low-key Lauderdale way. There’s plenty to celebrate this season, with the recent lifting of the ban on gay marriage in Broward County. Make sure to bring some sunscreen and find a handsome fellow to get those shoulders and lower back!

Photos by wellnascimento & huanmah

Elia Beach Credit ahmedelaliElia Beach Photo Credit Konstantinosgerles

Elia Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos has been luring gay boys to its golden sandy beaches and transparent waters since Jackie O brought her entourage and drew her many chic followers to the island back in the 70s. There are plenty of world class DJs, water activities, and sites to see on the island but locals and tourists take their beach time extremely seriously on the island. Elia Beach is not only one of the island’s largest beaches, but it also has amazing restaurants and plenty of bungalows to snuggle into and create an ideal vacation. Ditch the trunks on the right hand side of the beach and strut your stuff as you dive into the pristine water.

Photos by gmichaelreillyKonstantinosgerles, ahmedelali

beaches-50113-Herring-Cove-Beach-letsgosf-325e5Herring Cove Beach Credit danny7884

Herring Cove, Provincetown

Part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Herring Cove is Provincetown’s most popular beach. It’s definitely “over the river and through the woods”, but once you arrive you will spot plenty of handsome beach dwellers enjoying this gorgeous unofficial nude beach. While it is technically illegal to disrobe here, the National Park Service typically looks the other way, though you should be able to cover up quickly in a pinch. The dunes are infamous for cruising and connecting, so don’t wander off the beaten path unless you’re looking for a little more adventure!

Photos by: danny7884 , &

Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, with a population of only around 400,000 people has become one of the gay capitals of the Mediterranean  in the past few years. One of the biggest draws, Hilton Beach offers golden sand, blue waters, and some of the most gorgeous men in the world.  Hilton beach is located just below the HIlton Hotel between Metzitzim Beach and the Tel Aviv Marina.

Photo by TijsB 

5322061141_e7426c07bc_zLa Playita by Adrian Black

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio, considered one of the gayest destinations in Central America, has an enormous public beach “La Playita“.  The beach has long been known as one of Costa Rica’s only nude beaches, but be careful because skinny dippers have been known to be reprimanded by local police after a new luxury hotel opened nearby. Don’t worry, the dress code is still skimpy, skimpy, and more skimpy. Enjoy the view!

Photos by roaming-the-planet

Credit tseps_saflowcomm Clifton Beach

Clifton 3rd , Cape Town, South Africa

Known as Cape Town’s St. Tropez, Clifton is one of Cape Town’s biggest gay draws. There are four beaches that make up Clifton Beach, and Clifton 3rd is definitely the most “family friendly”. Apply that SPF generously and soak up the rays while taking in the turquoise blue water before you. Definitely be sure to take in the sunset, the view from this side of the Twelve Apostles is extraordinary. Want to ditch the suit and let it all hang out? Hop on over to Sandy Beach, just be sure to get the sand out of your nooks and crannies before heading to happy hour.

Photos by tseps_sa & flowcomm


  • Anonymous

    Fire Island?–really?!–and, on top of that, a link at the end of the post to a story related to why the LGBT community needs to boycott FI, at least until Ian Reisner makes proper restitution for his Senator Cruz affair. I guess your editor is already at the beach…

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been to gay beaches all over the world,
    and actually, the best gay beach is not on the

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    Can’t understand why the gay beach in Stiges Spain didn’t make the list.

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    and Puerto Vallarta?

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    Puerto vallarta it’s a great gay beach!

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    Tel Aviv i wish to be there with those good looking guys

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    Um, Little Beach Maui anyone?

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    shhhhh, don’t tell to many people about
    little beach — it is my favorite beach in the
    world and it is perfect as is.

  • Anonymous

    My vote goes to Hanlan’s point in Toronto.

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    Chicago’s Hollywood Beach gets 10 times the number of people who show up in Lauderdale. It’s bigger, water cleaner, and no sharks.

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    Surprised PV is not on the list – !!!

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    Am, I No like the point today beache no very no ! More the photo is very luxury fervecion love my love sex freinds next @ Thanks .

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    Putting Sebastien Beach in Ft. Lauderdale on this list is a joke!
    It might get 20-50 men on an average day, where the gay beach
    In South Beach gets several hundred!

  • Anonymous

    To the first commenter: There’s a hell of a lot more to Fire Island than Reisner’s complex (which I only went to once and plan on never going back to again due to the air of pretension in the place). Cherry Grove and The Pines are gay worlds apart. The Grove is my own personal paradise so I was quite happy to see it mentioned on the list. Just because one a-hole ownes a complex which should def be boycotted doesn’t mean you should boycott two whole communities.

  • Anonymous

    nice beach