PHOTOS: 30 Amazing Cruise Images On The 30th Anniversary Of The Great RSVP

Happy anniversary, RSVP Vacations! The travel company’s been sending gays and lesbians on fabulous trips around the world for 30 years, and it’s celebrating the way it does best: with another series of amazing cruises in 2015.

Since the mid-1980’s, RSVP’s been a part of the community. When it’s time to party, make new friends, or get away with someone special, the company has been there.

The 30th anniversary cruise sets sail February 8 and heads to the Caribbean — a sort of 30th birthday victory lap, the largest RSVP trip in history.

The vacation starts in Fort Lauderdale, and what a propitious time: a town newly basking in marriage equality. Close to 3,500 guests will head to a private island, then Grand Cayman, and finally Cozumel.

The 30th Anniversary celebration year then continues with another cruise to majestic Alaska on Holland America’s Westerdam.

“It’s amazing to have been around for 30 years,” says RSVP President Randle Roper. “Not many wholly gay-owned and operated businesses can say that. Our loyal and passionate guests have kept us alive through the decades. Now, we’re welcoming more and more first-time guests from around the globe, which will allow us to serve our community for another 30 years.”

Check out 30 commemorative photos below — a fun tour through the last 30 years of seafaring adventure…

RSVP Cruise 11

RSVP Cruise 10

RSVP Cruise 09

RSVP Cruise 08

RSVP Cruise 07

RSVP Cruise 06

RSVP Cruise 05

RSVP Cruise 04

RSVP Cruise 03

RSVP Cruise 02

RSVP Cruise 01

RSVP Cruise 16

RSVP Cruise 15

RSVP Cruise 14

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

RSVP Cruise 22

RSVP Cruise 21

RSVP Vacations, Mardi Gras Cruise 2006 -- Day 4, At Sea

RSVP Vacations, Mardi Gras Cruise 2006 -- Day 2, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

RSVP Vacations, Mardi Gras Cruise 2006 -- Day 2, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

RSVP Cruise 17


RSVP Vacations, Central America Cruise 2006 -- Day 3, At Sea

RSVP Cruise 29

RSVP Cruise 28

RSVP Cruise 27

RSVP Cruise 26

RSVP Cruise 25

RSVP Cruise 24

RSVP Cruise 23

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