The Five Kinkiest Cities In America


Thinking about taking a trip? In the mood to go somewhere kinky? We’ve got a list for you. Whether you’re looking for a city with an abundance of all-nude male strip clubs or a vibrant BDSM scene, or just a sexy city, we’ve got it covered.

Check out the list of the five kinkiest cities in America, as chosen by GayCities and Queerty editors… And go ahead and let us know which ones you suggest off-list in the comments section below. 


  • barkomatic

    Umm, no mention of the obvious city, New York? Also, New York has a higher population of gay men than Seattle. please. Someone’s a hater here.

  • Steven Phillips

    Seriously NY should have made this list. San Francisco and Chicago can share the top with New Orleans following closely. These cities are know for their unusual kink/fetish practices (straight and gay). New York could follow in that group due to the population.
    Some of the other cities seem to be being included based on the number of potential sex acts. Hurley especially. While Atlanta men are hot and love their sex not many that I have known are into deviant sex, kink or even light fetish but boy oh boy they love the sex. Indianapolis? guess I am gonna have to go visit. The only men from there I have met where in Chicago or SF for leather events. Nothing like a corn fed starving for sex kinda guy to keep you entertained.

  • psiassault

    Having strip clubs does not make a city “kinky.” Being kinky makes a city kinky. Go back and start over with your list.

  • twray1974

    Indy has a surprisingly active leather and kink scene. Eight active organizations, big kink con every year, plenty of play, education and fundraising going on all the time. Besides, based on personal experience, smaller cities like Indy really do have the kinkiest people. I’ve seen more than one Hoosier make a Chicagoan go “Holy crap, you do THAT?!?”

  • Roland

    Erm…. Compare the number of Scatboi members in Indianapolis and New York City. End of story.

  • Steven Phillips

    Nice to know… maybe I will just have to give Indianapolis a a good look on my next trip that way. Thanks!

  • GayEGO

    Massachusetts has several Gay cities including Boston, Provincetown, Northhampton, etc.

  • unreligious

    Not sure what Gay Cities use as a definition of kinky but it is not what most people would use. The mini-articles that go with New Orleans, Atllanta and Hurley do not describe kinkeyness to me. Strip clubs especially when none are gay is used a a criteria for kinky? Half-naked guys? I can see that in any park or on the streets of New York all summer long. Graham needs to get out more.

  • Bob James

    What a STUPID list! Indianapolis kinkier than New York?. Let’s get real!

  • andrewstow

    I’ve got some bad news about San Francisco, it’s slowly turning into a sexless city thanks to tech companies and the straight population. You’re bound to see more strollers and second generation Asians sipping Starbucks than leather clad gents and gay men not focused on having kids and wearing Gap khakis. Those days are, sadly, on their way out. Might I add, New Orleans maybe be a debauchery destination, but Mardi Gras welcomes straight people more than the gay community. To that, it’s Louisiana, not the most gay friendly. By your measure, Atlanta and my hometown of Horseheads, NY are kinky equivalents. Hint, Atlanta doesn’t belong. To exclude NY is blasphemous.

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