PHOTOS: The Jock Party You Have To See From Chicago Pride


Pride weekend went All-American this year with its premier Neverland party at Metro, a venue in the Boystown area. This epic sports-themed bash had jocks running left and right on a gigantic interactive two-story stage with performers on both levels. Highlights of the night were performances by RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s Gia Gunn alongside Shea Coulee and Aurora Sexton, and of course all of the scantily-clad Pride outfits.
If only all parties were done this well. The good news if that there’s more! Neverland kicks off Market Days on August 8th with a party hosted by Miss Continental 2014 and DJ sets by Boris (NYC) & Cindel (Chicago).
Scroll down to witness the magic of a Neverland party…
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photos credit Jennifer Catherine and Jonathan Mathias



  • Antony

    I should turn in my gay card I guess cause my first reaction to almost all of these is the intense desire to get these boys some sandwiches.

  • Isake Stark

    How about you dont be rude, If they were all bigger would you say you have a desire to get them a diet pill? Cause thats the same thing you just said

  • Jon Mindrum

    Yesss! Carlos, Martin, Anthony, Bobby, Chase, you all look FIERCE! 🙂

  • Dick Leigh

    If you don’t like jocks, don’t click on jock-related articles. It’s especially not cool to click on an article and try and bodyshame people for not fitting into your standard of beauty.

  • Antony

    Or it’s nothing like I just said. It’s more a paternal instinct in reaction what looks like guys trying to appear cut instead of maintaining a healthy weight. Sorry it offended you somehow, but instead of a laser focus on me, it’s probably best for you to go stare in the mirror for a while and wonder why 2 sentences from a stranger bothered you so much.

  • Antony

    I can’t respond because your reply makes no sense. Sorry.

  • Isake Stark

    No that’s the exact same. Saying people need to eat things is the EXACT same as saying fat people don’t need to eat. Pretend like it’s not fucking rude alllll u want

  • Antony

    And cold are the same too.

  • DinahsDad

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Chicago; there are tons of goodlooking men there. Apparently none of them attended this party.

  • Phil H

    Wow, apparently you don’t know the first thing of keeping a healthy weight and gaining muscle. Aka bodybuilding. You have to eat!! These boys are on a high protein low carb diet. And yes they do eat sandwiches! Please educate yourself before making such an ignorant comment.

  • billybatson

    To each, his own.

  • Anthony De Legge

    Many of these guys look fit/lean. They work hard at it, I know because I looked that way in my 20’s… and @42 I realize one must continue to take care even more. They look healthy and delicious. So keep your card and ACT not REACT on the beauty life has to offer.

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