PHOTOS: Colby Melvin And Strippers Drenched In Leche At Las Vegas Matinee

The theme Matinee Las Vegas this year was “La Leche” at Havana Club in the Tropicana Hotel. The white venue was decorated with inflatable cows and milk bottles. And at one point strippers got inside tin buckets and drenched themselves with the white substance.


Notable stars who took part in milking were Canadian stud Vincent Laroche, WeHo drag queen Rhea Litre and former Andrew Christian it-boy Colby Melvin.

GayCities was at Matinee recruiting talented guys to win $10,000 in the Stoli Guy competition. It’s not too late to apply if you think you got what it takes to be the next Stoli Guy.


Apply now and watch as these guys get soakin’ wet…


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