PHOTOS: Adorable Couple Enjoys Romantic Getaway In The Fire Island Pines

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes10

Since the season is here, we thought it would be fun to follow a New York City couple, Adam Hostler and Jean-Paul Morales, on that gay ritual: A summer getaway to Fire Island, in this case The Madison Fire Island Pines.

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes02

Adam and Jean-Paul are both actors working in New York City. They were ready for a quick getaway and while Adam has spent a great deal of time up in Provincetown during the past few summers, Fire Island is the perfect option for a quick escape.

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes01

Adam and Jean-Paul went over their travel options at Penn Station. From May 24 to September 1 the Long Island Railroad offers a Fire Island Pines Getaway Package including a discounted LIRR Off Peak round trip ticket, ferry and colonial taxis.

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes03

The guys ended up taking a 9:22am train on the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station to Sayville, New York with a quick transfer in Babylon. They arrived in Sayville just before 11:00am.

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes04

In Sayville a shuttle bus picked the guys up and dropped them off at the Sayville Ferry Dock in order to catch the 11:30am ferry to the Pines. There’s an adorable bar/restaurant at the ferry dock with boats leaving to the Pines and Cherry Grove throughout the season. The ferry schedule changes periodically, current schedules to the Pines are available here.

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes05

The ferry is usually packed with guys heading out to the big party weekends (Ascension, The Pines Party, Black Out, and Independence Day) but a quick escape during the week is a perfect summer getaway and an ideal opportunity to relax by the pool and catch some sun. The guys were surprised at how much room there was on the ferry on an off-season day. “The last time I came out was over the Black Out Weekend last season,” commented Jean-Paul, “you couldn’t even get a seat on the ferry.”

Madison Fire Island Pines by JJ Keyes17