PHOTOS: Sexy Santas Bare The Cold To Race Across Chicago In Nothing But Skivvies



Even the winter freeze could stop these Chicagoans from running down the streets of East Lakeview, covered only in skivvies and running shoes. Starting at the one of the nation’s largest gay bars, Sidetrack, where liquid courage was imbibed, the third annual Speedo Run–one of a growing number of similar events nationwide–drew scores of ballsy guys to strip down and sprint, and even more onlookers to watch out the frost chilled windows of surrounding Boystown bars.  The run raised money for this years charity The Center On Halsted and had nearly 250 registered runners.

Check out pictures from this year’s run below, and see how it stacks up to the 2012 Chicago Santa Speedo Run

photos credit Michael Oberman


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  • Guest

    Santa Claus is about love and kindness and making children happy at the time of year when the world celebrates the birth of the Son of God.

    It’s not about exhibitionism, getting drunk and promoting in a public way sexual deviancy by a large group of barely clad narcissists.

    Time is running out for homosexuals… either repent of your sins and live a clean moral life… or be destroyed when the Savior returns to cleanse the earth at His second coming.

  • Guest

    Well you’re no fun.

  • sspvenice

    Santa Claus is not a religious figure.
    Regardless of your narrow religious views these men gathered and participated in an event that raised funds for a charitable organization. I am sure that they spread joy and love in their efforts to complete their task.
    If you dislike this deviant behavior avert your eyes and opt out of donating.
    Wishing you the best of the Holiday Season including letting others celebrate it as they let you celebrate in your own way.

  • Guest

    Actually I am, my friend…

    Clean fun is the best fun.

  • Guest

    Translation: “I’m in favor of sexual deviancy… so please don’t have the nerve to challenge that.”

    Hey, at least your honest… but I don’t allow sexual deviants to hijack a beautiful holiday and a symbol of kindness for billions of children.

    By the way, Santa in Santa Claus means “holy”… not “evil”.

  • GayEGO

    Pa Leze Buhlah Mae. The Savior expects you to be kind and loving to all humanity and does not discriminate against gay people, whom you obviously do not know.

  • Guest

    You’re absolutely correct, whatever your name is.

    When He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah He wasn’t discriminating against homosexuals.

    Heavens no!

    He was executing His judgments on the wicked.

    Repent, my friend… while you still have time.