Gay travel news roundup: Tel Aviv queens of the desert to leather legalities

Here’s a quick look at the top stories buzzing around GayCities this week:

* Israel plans to shuttle inebriated gays from Tel Aviv to various festivals throughout Europe in a pitch to host Euro Pride in 2012. With any luck it will be the gayest episode of the Partridge Family you’ve ever seen, with Shirley Cones’ rack leading the way.

* Five couples become the first same-sex partners to marry in Mexico City. ¡Salud!

* The City by the Bay may let its gay community center fold due to mortgage troubles. Step it up, San Francisco!

* Budgets may be a mess, but one thing SF has down pat is the perfect cup of coffee. New Yorkers appear to be catching on.

* Following September arrests, eight employees at the Eagle in Atlanta have been cleared of lewd acts charges. Leather daddies everywhere can breath a sigh of relief.

* Club Pulse (re)opens in Orlando. Brand new decor, same old debauchery.

(Photo of Tel Aviv Pride by AmitLev)