PHOTOS: The Most Original Stoli Guy Eye-Popping Finale In New York


What do you get when you mix one-of-a-kind talents with custom red Stoli and Andrew Christian underwear? One showstopping finale: everything you could you ask for on a Thursday night at Marquee.

The Stoli Guy Finale Live in New York boasted free Stoli cocktails, performances by American Idol alum Kimberly Locke, plus special guests Claire Buffie and the man behind the bulging underwear himself, Andrew Christian.

Over 300 GayCities members and guests witnessed as the 12 contestants took the stage to showcase their “most original” talent. There were plenty of back-flip acrobatics, a violin performance over electronic music and glow-in-the-dark hoola hooping.

However, it was Billy from Philly who was declared the country’s first Most Original Stoli Guy after a heartfelt (and shirtless) rendition of “All-American Boy.”

Check out our picks for some of the hottest shots from the night and make sure to go over to the exclusive GayCities Gallery to view the rest of the photos.

Kimberley Locke after her performance of her new, hit single,
Kimberley Locke after her performance of her new, hit single, “Feel the Love.”

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