PHOTOS: The Most Original Stoli Guy Eye-Popping Finale In New York


What do you get when you mix one-of-a-kind talents with custom red Stoli and Andrew Christian underwear? One showstopping finale: everything you could you ask for on a Thursday night at Marquee.

The Stoli Guy Finale Live in New York boasted free Stoli cocktails, performances by American Idol alum Kimberly Locke, plus special guests Claire Buffie and the man behind the bulging underwear himself, Andrew Christian.

Over 300 GayCities members and guests witnessed as the 12 contestants took the stage to showcase their “most original” talent. There were plenty of back-flip acrobatics, a violin performance over electronic music and glow-in-the-dark hoola hooping.

However, it was Billy from Philly who was declared the country’s first Most Original Stoli Guy after a heartfelt (and shirtless) rendition of “All-American Boy.”

Check out our picks for some of the hottest shots from the night and make sure to go over to the exclusive GayCities Gallery to view the rest of the photos.

Kimberley Locke after her performance of her new, hit single,
Kimberley Locke after her performance of her new, hit single, “Feel the Love.”

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  • FoxIsForRetards


  • nmcowboyau

    I thought there was a boycott of stoli – I’m confused.

  • George Doukas

    There is an ignorant attempt to boycott Stoli, but the brand that is distributed has very little or nothing to do with the Russian Stoli brand. It’s complicated, but they are subdivisions of the same company yet they operate independently of each other. Stoli USA is a huge supporter of LGBT events and have been at odds with the Russian patriarchy for a long time. If you Google it a bit you can find all the information for yourself. We need to stop attacking our allies and work together to help our brothers and sisters in the world that are suffering from bigotry and unfair treatment because of who they love!

  • nmcowboyau

    I’m very well aware — but, the fact remains – However, FKP Shyouz…. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Moscow. Thus, their profits do pay whatever sort of taxations is present in Russia and benefits the Russian government.

  • Billy Levi

    The Vodka is made in Russia! And everyone who defended it will go down in history as a traitor. How is vodka good for our community. What mafia are you part of?

  • Jim

    Fkp is not the same company that owns Stoli USA which is SPI, I believe FKP is the Russian entity that took over inside Russia after SPI took Stoli worldwide.

  • Dipsey

    Actually, the ingredients come from Russia and are also distilled in a $100 million facility in Russia owned and operated by the Stoli SPI Group. Then their shipped out to Latvia where their blended, bottled, and shipped out.

    This is where the confusion and propaganda by Stoli comes into play ie trying to get people to ignore the Russian production side.

    Wikipedia..”the company operates a distillery in Russia, that several hundred of its 2,500 employees are in Russia and that it obtains its ingredients from Russia.”[26]

  • Dipsey

    At least your thinking about it instead of these vapid queens and their beauty pageant priorities.

  • barkomatic

    The alcohol is produced in Russia, but it gets converted to actual vodka in Latvia. SPI group is based in Luxembourg. The Russian government at one point nationalized (illegally seized) the Stoli brand and has a stake in the company that sells “Stoli” vodka in Russia. However, the “Stoli” in Russia is not made by the same company that sells “Stoli” in the U.S.

    Since the SPI owned Stoli has gone out of their way to be supportive of gay equality, I think its downright shameful to boycott them. This ban started under a haze of confusion and very few people have actually researched the facts behind it.

  • sfmike64

    Almost all white and ALL hairless. That’s sure representative of gay culture.

  • barkomatic

    I see Hispanic, African American and Asian guys among the contestants. However, you are correct in that they are all hairless which is a shame.

  • George Doukas

    Thank you Jim.

    nmcowboyau, even if Stoli pays taxes to Russia, they have been a STRONG supporter of the gay community for a long, long time. This campaign against our brothers and sisters and straight allies has GOT TO STOP! We are a divided community, a snake with its head cut off, wriggling all over the place and literally dying.

  • sbd

    First he hitches his promo wagon to a bareback porn star and now it’s to Russian vodka. Andrew Christian really ought to buy a clue. Then again, maybe there’s a big enough–and stupid enough–market for his faggoty-ass clothes no matter what he does.

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