PHOTOS: Stoli Guy San Francisco Goes Burlesque


The entertainment and music was booming at Beatbox for Stoli Guy San Francisco with drag legends Anita Cocktail and Donna Sachet owning the stage and contestants dancing across the stage in Stoli underwear. From hand stands to strip shows, the contestants gave it their all in their interviews, talent, and cat walk in order to win a trip to NYC to compete in The Most Original Stoli Guy finale.

Contestant Nicholas B (pictured above) took the finalist medal, presented by two of the night’s Judges sisters Pat n Leather, with his burlesque number and quite the series of poses.

Make sure to cast your vote starting August 25th for who should be sent to the finale in New York City on September 19th. You can find see all the action from San Francisco here, as well as the other Stoli Guy events in our online galleries.

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Stoli Guy San Francisco winner Nicholas Blarge_29

Entertainer Anita Cocktail


Stoli Guy San Francisco MC Donna Sachet

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  • Dipsey

    Apparently this post is being heavily moderated. Oh well.

  • RayJacksonMS2

    Because there is an over abundance of shallow fags willing to sell out their own kind to make a buck or just have a party to attend.

  • David Groff

    Why the constant shilling for Stoli? Writer John Weir reports on Russian lesbian activist Masha Gessen’s belief in the effectiveness of the boycott against this Russian-based vodka and other Rusian products: “Russian and American journalist Masha Gessen, a Russian resident for the past 20 years, endorses any and all movements and campaigns (vodka dumps, calls for boycotts, etc.) currently drawing international attention – including, significantly, Russian attention – to Russia’s “campaign of hate” against LGBT Russians.

    “Gessen says the vodka boycott *has* worked, in for instance shaming the Russian government on the international stage; and while, according to Gessen, it’s impossible, from the “outside,” to pressure Russia to repeal its already-passed anti-gay laws – laws banning “gay propaganda”; laws banning any statement or belief that homosexuality is socially, morally, politically equal to (“as good as”) heterosexuality; laws banning the adoption of Russian children not just by same-sex parents or LGBT single parents, but by people from any country with laws that allow same-sex marriage – nonetheless, Gessen says, protests by people and countries around the world may well influence the Russian government/media to “dial back the campaign of hate” that has been intensifying over the the past two years, particularly on television and social media.

    “Gessen also says, in this 22 August interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, that protests in countries around the world may well influence Russian politicians to table proposed legislation that would legally remove all children from LGBT parents or families. Furthermore, international pressure can force the Russian government to be less aggressive in enforcing anti-gay laws.

    “It’s not enough, of course, Gessen says, but it’s more than anyone had hoped for during the 18 months in which no one around the world was paying attention to the “campaign of hatred” of LGBT people that the Russian government and its media outlets had been successfully mounting, deploying.

    “The vodka boycott is one of the strategies that has helped make the Russian government ‘squirm,’ Gessen says – further evidence, from a native informant, that the boycott has been and continues to be an effective intervention against homophobia in Russia.”

  • liquidsky

    because Stoli isn’t even a Russian product to “boycott” …but people don’t tend to find that information and just keep assuming it IS russian..
    The Stolichnaya Vodka brand is owned by
    SPI Group that – through Luxembourg-based SPI Group – is solely owned by ex-Russian entrepreneur Yury Shefler, who was forced out of Russia over 10 years ago and currently lives in exile in London and Geneva. Yury legally acquired the Stolichnaya brand in 1997. SPI Group currently sells vodka under that name in over 150 countries, including the United States and Canada.
    In 2000, within weeks of taking office, the new Russian Government issued an order to confiscate the Stoli brand without compensation to SPI. SPI’s offices were raided and their files taken. The Russian courts, being what they are, supported the government over the claims and Stoli as SPI ceased to be a Russian vodka. To make matters worse, when Stolichnaya split from Russia, Putin set up his own Stoli. Putin’s zombie Stoli is sold only inside Russia, but it retains the same label and packaging. Think of it as Stoli’s evil Russian twin. But, unless you’re drinking Stolichnaya vodka in Russia, you are not drinking Russian Stoli vodka. You’re drinking Dutch/Latvian vodka. Boycotting Stoli actually likely makes Putin and the very forces we would wish to fight very happy, and most certainly they should not be so rewarded.

  • liquidsky

    unless you’re drinking Stolichnaya vodka in Russia, you are not drinking Russian Stoli vodka. You’re drinking Dutch/Latvian vodka

  • David Groff

    Not true. The company gets its ingredients from the distillery and farms it owns in Russia and which it pays taxes on. So once it withdraws its operations from Russia and takes “Russian Vodka” off its label, then we can talk about lifting the boycott on this product.

  • David Groff

    Stoli and its oligarch Yuri Shefler (who travels the word on a $300 million dollar yacht) have indeed had issues with the Russian government. But they still use Russian ingredients and own Russian farms. And they pay Russian taxes. The company also sells vodka under different names in Russia. And they call themselves “Russian vodka.” That’ pretty Russian, isn’t it? Thank goodness the boycott is getting this much attention.