PHOTOS: Stoli Guy San Diego Concocts A Winning Cocktail


It was just as hot inside Rich’s as it was outside at The Most Original Stoli Guy San DiegoWinner Matt M took the gold with his carefully layered rainbow shots that would have turned brown if one drop splashed out of place. He wasn’t the only creative surprise at the show; another contestant used a hand-carved piece of wood during his talent–and the straight marine judge certainly had some creative input.

The evening’s charity was St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation. Stoli donated $5 for every person in attendance was donated to help countries where it is a crime to be openly gay.

Be sure to cast your vote starting August 25th for who should be sent to the finale in New York City on September 19th.

Click through all the pictures from San Diego and other Stoli Guy events in our online galleries.

Photos credit Stefani Schreurs Photography



Stoli Guy San Diego Winner Matt M

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  • mjcc1987

    Stoli? Really. Hate much?

  • luyten

    A good time was had by all. That’s what really matters.

  • etseq

    Sure hope that Russian money is worth selling out your own people…During the holocaust, Jews who helped the Nazi’s in the camps were called Kapos – I guess we can repurpose that for gays who help their oppressors kill other gay people….

  • PipDeePeep

    seriously, while stoli does have its Russian roots, it is now owned by some company in Luxembourg. Heck, the drink is even banned in russia and now that the LGBT community is banning stoli would probably make the russians happier. You guys should do some research before bashing stoli.

  • Dipsey

    Exept the drink is not banned in Russia. It’s produced and processed there too. The only point you have right is that it’s owned by a company in Luxembourg.

  • david groff

    See posts above for some real information.

  • AndyinChicago

    Seriously, Queerty? Why are you advertising for Stoli? This boycott only works to show that our community around the world has solidarity for the LGBT community in Russia that’s being abused, tormented, and silenced by Putin and his cronies. If you’ll compromise that solidarity for a couple of dollars, I don’t understand how you sleep at night.

  • AndyinChicago

    Great points, Dipsey. And more than anything else, the boycott also is telling Russia that the LGBT community around the world cares about what they’re doing to our brothers and sisters in Russia. Stoli is a Russian product, and we should be boycotting all Russian products to stand in solidarity.

  • RTRR

    It’s not at all banned in Russia. Google before you speak.