PHOTOS: World’s Largest Circuit Party Nothing Short Of Electric

Last week marked the sixth annual Barcelona Circuit Festival. It was ten days of non-stop fun in the Spanish sun. With over 20 circuit parties, 60 DJs, and 65,000 shirtless men from all over the world coming to celebrate, it’s no wonder the annual festival has been deemed the biggest international LGBT event in the world. Things got pretty wet and wild, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Take a peek at some of the festivals juiciest moments below.


  • Franco

    This is my worst nightmare realized. Cute guys though.

  • t guidice

    why do all the hot buff guys always have such hideous horse faces

  • skwcw2001

    I just think of all the drugs and folks waking up in a few weeks with new diseases but hey they had fun and the only ones they are hurting are themselves and whomever they drug and rape.

  • Lee Keels

    Works for me!

  • SluttyMary

    Gorgeous guys don’t generally feel the need to compensate with muscles because they don’t have horse faces. It’s like a redneck having a big monster truck… it’s all about compensating.

  • HRH The Grand Duchess

    Ugh, that looks like hell on earth. Party on, boys.

  • Dipsey

    A bit confused since I’m seeing gorgeous faces and muscles. Maybe more like stacking their odds.

  • Dipsey

    Yum…Me too:)

  • Dipsey

    Circuit parties are a right of passage for gay men. Guys who never had that experience as their straight peers did in High School or had a late coming out. If your lucky you do it and get through it with some nice memories.

  • EyeJelly

    Are paunchy people allowed or do they just kill them at the door?

  • CAboy12

    So I attended this year and it was a lot of fun but I have to point out that a lot of these pictures are from 2012 (a couple of the venues and costumes were different this year). Furthermore, a lot of the pictures are stamped with last year’s dates and logos…is it that hard to go to the Circuit Festival Official Facebook page and lift the right pictures??? Sloppy work, Graham!

  • pauleky

    Clones galore. No body hair? I’m so, so sorry it’s so hard for these guys to be men. Truly sad.

  • pauleky

    A right of passage for SOME gay men. We are not all the same, just like any other group.

  • Jake D

    I feel like to go to these party, I must follow the pattern: muscles and shaving

  • brandons

    troll. F*** off.