PHOTOS: Bittersweet Celebrations In States Where Gay Marriage Still Illegal


On Wednesday there was good reason to celebrate. While all of us were overwhelmed with happiness that DOMA was repealed, it was easy to forget that over two-thirds of the US population still cannot enjoy the the same sense of equality in their home states.

Flip through these photos of the celebrations that took place in antigay-marriage states in towns and cities across the US.


  • hyhybt

    I’m just fascinated by the “paid distribution” picture of an airplane being chased by a giant ghost spider. Monstrous, indeed.

    Anyway… even setting aside the natural desire to celebrate wins for others of our kind, this *is* a victory for people in no-marriage states too. We now have practical reason to get married elsewhere for federal benefits, which not only is good in itself, but also means more potential challengers and more reason for them to challenge state bans in court. And both that one and the Prop 8 ruling, even if it’s not real precedent, make wins more likely. And it’s bound to give a boost to political attempts to undo those bans, in places where that’s a practical possibility right now.

    Curious that Queerty and Gaycities don’t use the same comment system, even after being joined this long.

  • Mark walsh

    Why should celebrations be”bittersweet” sans “marriage” That has nothing to do with being gay; our sexuality and liberation is everything