On Tour With Rihanna: The Calm Before The Storm

Seven cities in seven days is quite the ordeal—for us normal human beings at least. But today pop superstar Rihanna embarks on a  seven-day intimate tour that begins in Mexico City and hits Toronto, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, London and New York City in a week. All to see her fans and promote her new studio album, Unapologetic, out November 19.

RiRi’s going all out on this one—she’s packed a plane with diehard fans and reporters  to chronicle this whirlwind tour. Right now I’m reporting from Los Angeles as we await further instructions before departing to her first gig in Mexico City.

So, who the hell am I? I’m Rich Lopez, formerly with the Dallas Voice, where I reported on music, entertainment and lifestyle with a queer bent. Before that, I covered both local nightlife and music for the alt-weekly the Dallas Observer.  I like to think I know a little about music.

Right now it’s the calm before the storm—I’m boning up on Rihanna’s music catalog, figuring out what we’ll chat about, and counting my sleeping pills and No-Doz packets. (Don’t want to mix them up). I’ll be posting daily here on Queerty and via social media, so be sure to keep up by checking Queerty’s Twitter feed  (#Rihanna777) and Facebook page.