“All the Way Through Evening” Explores Effect Of AIDS Epidemic On NYC Composers

The musical documentary All the Way Through Evening shines a spotlight on gay composers who wrote about, and were ultimately lost to, the HIV/AIDS epidemic that ravaged New York City in the 1980s and ’90s.

Australian filmmaker Rohan Spong follows East Village pianist Mimi Stern-Wolfe as she prepares for her 20th annual New York concert in honor of the composer friends she lost to the epidemic, and interweaves interviews with those who survived. “This era is such an important an important part of our history as gay men,” says Spong. “My generation scarcely remembers it, but the way these brave men suffered and were involved in fighting for health reform, and even just to be treated with dignity by the world at large, is incredibly inspiring.”

All the Way Through Evening opens November 29 in Australia, with encore screenings at New York City’s Leslie Lohman Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Chicago’s Center on Halsted and the Tivoli in Kansas City in late November and early December.