City Of Pittsburgh Celebrates Sharon Needles Day

Move over, Andy Warhol: Pittsburgh has a new favorite native homo. RuPaul Drag Race winner Sharon Needles was honored in her hometown with an official proclamation declaring Tuesday “Sharon Needles Day in Pittsburgh.”

The ceremony took place at a City Council meeting, where councilman Patrick Dowd said, “This is a city of champions in many regards… We have a real champion in the room today.”

In her comments, the goth goddess proclaimed that “a win for Sharon Needles is a win for every single kid in this city who’s still being bullied.” She admitted it was “humbling and almost embarrassing” to be recognized by “my favorite city in the world.”

Sharon also graced the audience with a slightly altered version of Rocky Horror‘s “Sweet Transvestite” that included the line, “I’m just a cheap transvestite from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”

Hmm, maybe Sharon has a new favorite holiday besides Halloween?

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