World’s First Drag-Queen Bowling Alley Opens in Las Vegas

The girls of Las Vegas‘ Drink and Drag have big ol’ balls.

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter—we’re talking about bowling balls. On May 5, the combination drag club-and-bowling alley officially open its lanes on Sin City’s Fremont Street. It’s believed to be the world’s first bowling alley fully staffed by drag queens.

But Kelly Murphy, owner of D&D—as well as queer Vegas nightlife staple Krave—promises his new 22,000-square-foot entertainment mecca will deliver more than just drag-bowling fun: “We have an amazing sound system and dance floor,” he tells Queerty. “There’s also billiards, gaming consoles, board games, and snack menu inspired by the drag queens themselves.”

Speaking of queens, which gender-bending royals will be reigning over the lanes?

“Our existing cast consists of over 24 queens,” like Selena above, “who are all pretty notable in their own right—or at least in their own minds,” jokes Murphy, “But there are some special guests on the schedule, including Lady Bunny,  America’s Got Talent‘s Derrick Barry—and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants like Sharon Needles, Delta Work, Sahara Davenport and Yara Sophia.” (We are living for the idea of Sharon Needles serving up some zombie-bowling-league realness.)

Berry, famous for his flawless impersonation of Britney Spears, is psyched to tackle this new venue—and a new persona.

“I’m excited to branch out from celebrity impressions and explore the art of drag,” beams the Divas Las Vegas headliner, “I’ve always been known as Derrick Berry on stage but, at Drink and Drag, you can call me Derricka.”

Will there be other dynamic transformations?
“Each night is a different theme—so we have time to wash the costumes,” jokes Murphy. “There’s classic movies, Disney, disco and—my personal favorite—White Wedding Wednesday, with all the ladies in wedding dresses. Throughout the night, the music will be interrupted with a brief theme video, followed by the [queens] breaking into song!”

The inclusions of drag queens to a place that many consider to be the last bastion of beer-guzzling heteros may surprise some. But to Drink & Drag general manager Tyler Caiden, the arrival of drag culture into mainstream society is an organic part of America’s social evolution. “After witnessing the popularity in Middle America of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag U, we decided it was the right time to offer that real- life experience on [Vegas’] Fremont Street.”

Murphy agrees, adding, “The way gays and lesbians play, interact and socialize is much different [now] than when Krave was developed seven years ago. They need more stimulation and motivation to leave their houses—thanks, Grindr!

The pairing of bowling and gender illoooshun “provides a new reason to get up and get out,” he says.

We’re gonna go practice our 4-10 splits—we wanna be good enough to handle these queens’ balls.