Featured Bar: Miami Beach’s 721 a glittery getaway


The myriad White Party events in Miami Beach can be a bit, well, overwhelming. So it’s always nice to find a more relaxed place to hangout out and chill with your buds, away from the throbbing lights of the party circuit–yet not too far away. Enter 721 Bar, the latest addition to the Lincoln Road scene featuring a decidedly mixed crowd and a loungy feel that makes you wanna sip your pumpkin Vodka martini as you sink into the bar length sofa–or shoot a round of pool with your bottle of Kirin perched precariously nearby. Another cool feature: The bar is sober friendly, with a range of AA inspired non-alchoholic beverages. “We definately wanted it to have the feel of a large living room, where you can sit in front of the fire on a big couch, and have a comfortable conversation with a friend,” oo-owner Dan Sehres tells GayCities. “It’s sleek yet homey at the same time.”

Now that’s one living room we’d like to have at home.

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Photo credit Thrillist.com