Queen Latifah Walks Into To A Gay Bar And…

381px-QueenlatifahperformingQueen Latifah and a sizable posse rolled up to a Miami gay club Twist last week, partying until the wee hours of  the night.

According to The Daily News, Latifah even “came out of the shadows” (how’s that for a metaphor) and joined a drag queen on stage unexpectedly. After ‘tifah gave the performer a big smooch, the gay boys went wild with applause.

We called the Twist for more info, but the staffer we talked to didn’t even know she’d stopped by.

“Bitch didn’t call me!” he quipped.

We tried to get some photos, but our source was not havin’ it: “It’s one thing if it’s an up-and-coming celebrity,” our source said. “but Queen Latifah’s privacy is worth any amount of dollars.”

And we were schooled on speculating about her sexuality. “That’s a lot of people wasting their time thinking about stupid shit,” the sassy sir said. Who is this queen and can we party with her next time we’re in Miami?

Anyway, who knows why Latifah was there. Maybe she was just finding guests for her forthcoming talk show?

Photo: forcefulally