Get your Pride on: GayCities’ 2011 Pride calendar updated

This weekend marks the first big Pride of the season in Miami, where temperatures are set to be in the high 80s as the rainbow flags fly. To celebrate the coming of spring and the promise of warmth in cooler climes, we thought it the perfect time to update our 2011 Pride Calendar. There are, of course, the obvious ones–cities like New York and San Francisco host world-class happenings, with visitors pouring in from nearly everywhere imaginable. But did you know that Long Beach, CA Pride is every bit if not more fun than Los Angeles’? or that Moscow Pride is set to return this year after being shut down last year?

Take a look at all the gloriously gay celebrations slated for 2011, and if your local pride isn’t on the list, let us know! Leave a comment and we’ll gladly include every last pride there is.


  • Anonymous

    thanks, colin! i’ve added Scotland Pride into the list