Singers Aiden Leslie & Jonathan Bascope

Jonathan Bascope & Aiden Leslie

This week, the boys welcome out singers Jonathan Bascope and Aiden Leslie to the show just as their tracks are heating up the dance floor… not to mention MTV and VH1.

The GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition also chats with Washington, DC’s Craig Shniderman from Food&Friends about Dining Out for Life International. Check their site for the city near you and see how by eating out at your favorite restaurants, you’ll be donating to worthy AIDS charities.

And did we mention Nitecamp? The smokin’ go-go dancers join Dale, Scott & Jason in Baltimore. See the video. We mean it. See it now.

We also announce the 2nd Brent Everett Fleshjack giveaways. Are you the lucky winner?

Other Episode 123 topics:

  • The Oscar telecast shit-show
  • The new “Dancing with the Stars” lineup
  • Sherry Vine’s “Born This Way” song parody, “Whore For Pay”
  • Swish Edition’s co-sponsored event at Baltimore’s Hippo
  • The downfall of Charlie Sheen (and Christina Aguilera?)
  • The 10th anniversary of northern Virginia’s premier gay bar, Freddie’s

Episode 123 is called “The Music Men,” and it’s a must listen. You can stream or download the audio from that picture of Dale & Scott below, get the audio episode free from iTunes, or stream it with the free Stitcher Radio app.

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