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fitandsolid's Reviews
  • fitandsolid gave * to 1202
    Bars & Clubs in San Diego
    Same great patio...
    In all its incarnations since it changed to Universal from eyesore purple-bathhouse-turned video store, the patio has been the highlight of this space. The dance floor always has been large enough, with lights and sound system potential to rival Rich's across the street, yet it never gets the crowded, pulsing, danceaholic vibe of its long-running competition. The patio, however, has been great as a brunch space for Eden, and as a happy-hour and later outdoor bar for 1202. If they can't get the main space hopping and have to change ownership, bet on the patio pulling its weight once again. For now, have a few drinks before dancing at Rich's, Mo's, or Montage nights at Spin.

    May 19 at 10:01pm ·

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  • Restaurants in San Diego
    Newest member of Mo's/Baja/Gossip family
    Timing is everything. Hillcrest Brewing Company, billed as the first gay-owned microbrewery, opened at the height of the success of the trio of Urban Mo's, Baja Betty's, and Gossip Grill, and at the same time San Diego turned adjacent Blaine Ave into Harvey Milk Street and planted a giant Pride Flag at the corner of Normal and University. There wasn't a gayer block in the USA during that month of June 2012. And the Mo's free trolley quickly added HBC to its route, allowing those finished with and/or ready to enjoy signature crafted beers and square pizzas to bar-hop with ease. This is a casual, mixed environment with a larger patio than most.
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    Jul 12, 2012 at 11:27pm ·

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  • Bars & Clubs in Fort Lauderdale
    Boom is as close as any Wilton Manors club can come to the sprawling complex known as The Manor just down the street. Although Boom doesn't have as big a space, dancefloor, or crowd (most nights), the slightly smaller scale actually helps make it seem more accessible and enjoyable. It's well-designed, with an upper area looking down on the dance floor, two completely different types/eras of music usually playing in the segregated areas, and some great theme nights, especially Sunday's retro disco celebration, which eschews most of the obvious YMCA and Flashdance choices for more obscure chestnuts of the late 70s/early 80s that will make those who lived during that time smile with alcohol-assisted nostalgia as they dance the night away. If Georgie's Alibi or Bill's Filling Station aren't satisfying at any particular moment, this is a great third option in the same block, and there's some quick, delicious pizza available at Humpty's next door if you want a quick energy bite between bars instead of a sit-down dining experience. Boom is a welcome addition to the gayest shopping plaza in Wilton Manors.

    Jan 25, 2012 at 2:53am ·

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  • Bars & Clubs in Fort Lauderdale
    Complex, to be sure
    Not even "Warehouse Disco" can describe this giant building as well as "Complex". There are several rooms, balconies, levels, and a gigantic dance floor, all of which are used in versatile fashion for different themes (i.e. Latin in the side lounge while techno dominates the dance floor). The upper balcony is great for people/traffic watching on Wilton Ave while taking a break from the action indoors. Brunch is popular here as well, since those columns and decorations look as good in the daytime as when they are splashed with colored lights and fag fog. This is by far the largest gay bar in Wilton Manors, and it probably will remain that way (as well as one of the most modern) for some time, since its expansive scope will be difficult to replicate. Coming here alone can seem overwhelming at times, but it's perfect if you've got a crowd of rowdy friends that want to hit the dance floor after a few mojitos.

    Jan 25, 2012 at 2:47am ·

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  • Bars & Clubs in Fort Lauderdale
    Get Your Fill
    Bill's Filling Station is aptly-named for many reasons. It's often full of men, even though there's plenty of space between the dance floor and surrounding areas. It's easy to get full of alcohol, with the generous happy hour prices and other specials. And if you get hungry, the adjacent Courtyard Cafe is an easy way to fill up on some comfort food in a more casual (though no less gay) environment. The crowd can range from bears to drag to twinks, with a few women, but Bill's is often dominated by the bear crowd at most peak hours. A location directly across the street from the gay ground-zero Wilton Manors commercial center helps keep the place busy as well.

    Jan 25, 2012 at 2:40am ·

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  • Bars & Clubs in Fort Lauderdale
    Still feels like Hamburger Mary's
    Like many gay restaurant/bars around the country that changed their name from the once-popular Hamburger Mary's franchise, Rosie's continues to provide the ambience associated with that fading chain (still found in Palm Springs, and a few other places). The outdoor patio is only slightly more tropical than the indoor area, which is very open and breezy. Drinks are humorous, clever, and strong. Food is average to above-average, but no one cares because it's the relaxing, fun, people-watching atmosphere that keeps them coming here (which is why it works better during the day than at night, when many go elsewhere). Sundays are great whether one wants to watch sports on all the flat-screen TV's, get plastered at the plentiful bar stools, or consume buckets of beer with their brunch or lunch on the patio. It's possible to cruise and meet someone here as well, though that's not the focus, which may explain the slightly-more-than-average number of women here when compared to other Wilton Manor gay establishments.

    Jan 25, 2012 at 2:36am ·

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  • fitandsolid gave * to Alibi
    Bars & Clubs in Fort Lauderdale
    Usually a good time
    Georgie's Alibi can be inconsistent, especially as a dining experience, but often turns out to be at least pleasant (and sometimes provides a very pleasant surprise among the uninhibited patrons, especially in the bar area). When it's dead, other more popular options are a stroll away, but when it's busy, there's a high chance of meeting, or at least lusting after, someone you'll like. Then again, if cruising isn't your style, try one of the see-sawing benches on the patio for a decent meal served at a snail's pace (with possible errors, but always friendly apologies). Or stop by the attached cabaret for the less-common spectacle of drag queens performing LIVE vocals. Because so many in Wilton Manors have made it a habit to at least stop by Georgie's, even if they end up elsewhere, it's hard to avoid visiting here no matter how long you're in town.

    Jan 25, 2012 at 2:32am ·

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  • Hotels in Fort Lauderdale
    Escape or be social (or both)
    Manor Inn couldn't be more convenient to the gay traveller that wants to walk to everything just a few blocks away in Wilton Manors. Yet it's located on a residential street that allows for peace and quiet on the premises despite the nearby disco speakers, restaurant chatter, traffic, and drunk pedestrians. The backyard is a lush, tiki-like area with a heated pool, secluded jacuzzi, and even an outdoor bathroom (named "Take A Leaky") and shower, which emulates a camping experience if used instead of the same facilities in the guest rooms. Kip Wingo is a great host, and his no-smoking policy, while a bit inconvenient for tobacco-lovers, is essential to the clean, tranquil, friendly atmosphere that he and housekeeper William maintain through daily labors of love. If you need a tour guide, or just want some company for lunch or bar-hopping, Kip is usually eager to join you, but he also respects the privacy of those that want to be left alone until they need assistance. Staying at the Manor Inn feels like temporarily living in your own apartment in the heart of Wilton Manors, with great roommates and a terrific landlord. Be sure to take advantage of the equally gay-centric FAB shuttle to and from the Manor Inn to save about $40 round trip compared to taxi service, while experiencing a luxury ride in a spacious Mercedes.

    Jan 24, 2012 at 8:05pm ·

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  • The West Street Beach remains the best gay "scene" in Laguna Beach. A few restaurants are still gay-friendly (i.e. Sun Dried Tomatoes), but the only gay bars remaining in the immediate area are small neighborhood bars Bounce (formerly Main Street, right across from the former Boom Boom Room) and Tin Lizzie Saloon (in Costa Mesa). For more of a nightclub or other types of gay evening social businesses, a short drive north to Long Beach or a slightly longer drive south to San Diego will provide many options within a hour or so. Hopefully, something new will open in Orange County along the lines of the gone-but-not-forgotten Boom Boom Room, Woody's, or Newport Station (R.I.P.)...

    Nov 2, 2011 at 8:39pm ·

  • Beaches in Laguna Beach
    Beats the bars
    Laguna's West Beach is one of the few remnants of the gay glamour of years past. Gone are previously popular clubs the Boom Boom Room and Woody's (formerly Lil' Shrimp), and although Bounce still exists (formerly Main Street), it's hard to settle for such a small, neighborhood bar when the club/restaurant tandem that used to be just across the street is now a distant memory (ditto for going to Tin Lizzie Saloon in Costa Mesa now that dance club Newport Station is ancient history). But whether one chooses to Bounce to the only bar in town, it's hard to debate more fun may be found at West Street Beach. There are certainly more gay people at the beach during the day than at any Laguna Beach bar (gay or straight) at night. And the bodies in speedos are often works of art. It's a relaxing way to sit back and watch the eye candy or jump in and join the frisbee, volleyball, or circles of gay gossip. There's usually a better chance of meeting someone than at most gay bars, also. Parking is tough, and the hike back up the steps is a mini-workout (though nothing like the cliff at Black's Beach in San Diego). Nevertheless, West Beach has been the most consistent gay presence in Laguna Beach's shrinking gay social community.

    Nov 2, 2011 at 4:19pm ·

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