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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Member Since: July 26, 2012 | Originally From: Albuquerque, NM | Relationship Status: Single
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Silverback Loves These Places
  • The last bar in town that can be called "leather", just barely
    Sadly, there are no leather bars in Vegas. The Eagle went twink a few years ago, and Fun Hog Ranch (or Funhog Ranch if you read the outdoor sign) has leather events maybe once a month and even then they're sponsored by Las Vegas boys of Leather (lower case intentional to show subservience to those who give a damn about such minutia). But it's still a little seedy, a little shabby, a little sleazy in a city obsessed with glitz and glam. The neighborhood was voted Best Block to Get Your Wallet Lifted By A Crackhead. It's also a great bar for professional alcoholics, the bartenders hand out 2-for-1 drink cards faster than hookers on The Strip hand out business cards. Some of the bartenders are good and know classic drink recipes, others will ice your drink no matter how many time you shout "Neat. Neat! NEAT!" So if you want to revisit 1979 but with iPhones, visit the Fun Hog Ranch.


  • How can it be a country/western bar when none of the customers are country/western?
    Charlie's is a good bar. The bartenders are handsome, friendly, and know how to mix a drink. prices are more than fair. Almost every night has a theme so there's appeal for lots of interests. And they have an underwear night, which might be typical n Las Vegas, but in the rest of the country they're rare. But why are they a country/western bar? Not a single customer wears western wear or a cowboy hat, and the music is strictly mainstream gay dance club tripe. Go, have a good night, enjoy the mix of people. But country/western? Where? What? I just don't get it.


  • Muscleboys replaced by wimps and drag... WTF?
    It's important to remember that FLEX used to be a show bar with bodybuilders and muscle strippers. How the mighty have fallen. Now it's twinks in Polo shirts, lesbian bartenders, and drag shows. As a bar, it's kinda OK. The bartenders are competent and know their beers and cocktails. The patrons are mostly 20-something guys doing their best to look cute. The space is clean and well maintained. As a result it lacks any character, style, or edge. Has anyone ever said they want a drink at a "wholesome" gay bar?


  • Faded and jaded
    No. Just no. There's nothing that distinguishes the Spotlight from the cocktail bar at a Holiday Inn off the interstate. No style, no theme, no welcoming vibe. No vibe at all except maybe "You're just passing through, why should we try?" The bartenders have the attitude of "What do you want from me, I just work here" and can manage, say, beer or Red Bull and vodka but don't order a drink that has a recipe. My bartender didn't know how to make an Old Fashioned so he asked a senile customer at the end of the bar (why not ask me?) and the result tasted like Robitussin. I'd say The Spotlight is the pinnacle of apathy but they don't even put in enough effort to achieve that.
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    August 23

  • Kid stuff
    From the imposing front door with the bad-ass phoenix paint job I presumed this bar might have at least a drop of macho. Far from it. It's wall to wall 20-somethings playing Nintendo on the projection TV, giggling, sipping glam cocktails, and showing their straight girlfriends the mainstream gay scene. And "woo girls"... So many screechy woo girls. If you're under 30, suburban, wear Polo shirts, and listen to top 40 music you'll feel at home. If you want to meet adult men, stay clear.

    August 18

  • Nice beer bar, but NOT a gay bar
    Sorry, but in 2014 when gay people are just plain folks who can marry and everything, a gay-friendly bar should not be on a list of gay businesses. If that were the case, every damn bar in Providence would be on GayCities. As a beer bar where anyone with a valid ID is welcome, Trinity Brewhouse is friendly, welcoming, and well run. The beer selection is good and includes old favorites along with challenging local microbrews. The food menu is superb to enjoy with beer and/or share with friends. And prices are quire reasonable even though the Brewhouse is in Downcity. Should positively be a part of your pub crawl night.

    February 8, 2014

  • Good enough but deserves some improvement
    On the up side, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and the fees are reasonable. There's plenty of off-street parking. Daily themes are fun. Towels and sheets are clean and smell washed. There's plenty of space (perhaps even too much) to wander and meet men. You can get a room with its own shower. I like the cockring-sized glory holes, I can just fit my meat through but then I'm trapped (in a good way) until someone makes me cum. And you can always get a fresh cup of coffee from their Keurig machine. On the down side, A lot could be done to step up from "just acceptable" to "good". It was raining when I visited and the foyer ceiling leaked. There was no hot water in the showers. There were 4 bathrooms, two were locked and not in service, one had no lights and the toilets had overflowed poopy water onto the floor. Cold tile and concrete floors were clammy and slippery with condensation. Duct tape across out-of-service rooms made it look like a crime scene. Years ago there was a small weight room but it's gone now. Someone had pissed on the floor in one of the glory hole alcoves. There are a lot of ways the space could be improved at minor expense and the Mega-Plex has been around long enough to deserve some spiffing up. I know I'd go more if I could get a hot shower and the floors were cleaner and drier.

    December 9, 2013

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