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35 M
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Member Since: July 26, 2012 | Originally From: Albuquerque, NM | Relationship Status: Single
Body Type: Athletic | Ethnicity: Mixed | Friends Call Me a: Bar Hopper | I'm looking for: Friends

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Silverback Loves These Places
  • Nice beer bar, but NOT a gay bar
    Sorry, but in 2014 when gay people are just plain folks who can marry and everything, a gay-friendly bar should not be on a list of gay businesses. If that were the case, every damn bar in Providence would be on GayCities. As a beer bar where anyone with a valid ID is welcome, Trinity Brewhouse is friendly, welcoming, and well run. The beer selection is good and includes old favorites along with challenging local microbrews. The food menu is superb to enjoy with beer and/or share with friends. And prices are quire reasonable even though the Brewhouse is in Downcity. Should positively be a part of your pub crawl night.

    February 8, 2014

  • Good enough but deserves some improvement
    On the up side, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and the fees are reasonable. There's plenty of off-street parking. Daily themes are fun. Towels and sheets are clean and smell washed. There's plenty of space (perhaps even too much) to wander and meet men. You can get a room with its own shower. I like the cockring-sized glory holes, I can just fit my meat through but then I'm trapped (in a good way) until someone makes me cum. And you can always get a fresh cup of coffee from their Keurig machine. On the down side, A lot could be done to step up from "just acceptable" to "good". It was raining when I visited and the foyer ceiling leaked. There was no hot water in the showers. There were 4 bathrooms, two were locked and not in service, one had no lights and the toilets had overflowed poopy water onto the floor. Cold tile and concrete floors were clammy and slippery with condensation. Duct tape across out-of-service rooms made it look like a crime scene. Years ago there was a small weight room but it's gone now. Someone had pissed on the floor in one of the glory hole alcoves. There are a lot of ways the space could be improved at minor expense and the Mega-Plex has been around long enough to deserve some spiffing up. I know I'd go more if I could get a hot shower and the floors were cleaner and drier.

    December 9, 2013

  • Decent watering hole but not as macho as the name implies
    The Stable is nice enough but it's bright, sparkly, throbbing with autotuned Top 40 music videos, and completely FLAMING. Not a good choice if you're masculine or prefer men who don't giggle. A friend told me he liked the crowd because they're a bit older (40-ish), but all I saw were 20-somethings and a few 30-somethings trying to pass as younger. Patrons are reasonably friendly but the chit-chat will be pretty light-weight. Well, most of the chit-chat. The guy sitting next to me discretely asked the owner/bartender a question and the owner/bartender LOUDLY answered, describing his problem with colon polyps, and the colon surgery, and the colon healing process, and his concerns about long-term colon function, and his prior history with colon problems. For 5 minutes non-stop. Later the owner/bartender refreshed my glass of water and commented that water was what started his colon problems, he ate a salad washed in local water in Cancun, and at first he thought his colon problems were just indigestion...

    September 17, 2013

  • An hour in this place made me die a little inside
    It's like they just gave up trying a few years ago. The interior is nothing like what's shown on their website, in fact, I'm pretty sure the pictures are of a completely different facility. There's a room with a sling and a St. Andrew's cross, a dark room with bench seating, toilets, showers, locker room, private rooms, and that's it. No open places to cruise or watch or socialize-- and the front lounge requires cover-up or clothing because security video is recorded there!. No amount of air freshener could mask the stench of desperation. In the era of Grindr, Scruff, Growler, and Hornet, a sex club has to offer something besides the random chance of running into a complete stranger you like the looks of. Maybe some rooms equipped for popular kinks and fetish play? Perhaps some theme rooms for fantasy play? A lounge with no cameras so patrons can actually meet and socialize without worrying about showing up on courtroom video evidence?

    September 17, 2013

  • So bright... SO BRIGHT!
    Gloss white walls, colorful accent paint, mirrors, tinsel, shiny tchotchkes, and intense halogen lights will scorch your eyeballs. Bring your sunglasses. Good beer, staff was proficient but busy discussing business, bar duties, upcoming schedules, etc. instead of paying attention to customers. Overall the bar is nothing special, mostly a nearby place to take a break from the drag shows next door. But it won't work. They come over and make the rounds telling customers to go next door to see (and pay for) the drag. Think about it, faux ladies, doesn't my being somewhere else tell you I don't want to see the drag show?

    September 17, 2013

  • Pretty good for an old-school men's bar
    The new incarnation of the Eagle is pretty good. It feels like it's 1983 again but in a good way, installing a cell phone jammer would be better still. Little bit macho bar, little bit leather bar, little bit neighborhood bar, they'd do well to have a dress code on busy nights to keep the metrosexuals out. Staff are friendly and welcoming. Drink pours are insanely generous but the bartenders all vary on quantity and price for the exact same liquor. My well whiskeys were 5 ounces for $5.75, 4 ounces for $7.00, 6 ounces for $5.00, 4 ounces for $7.50... Cover charge $5 on Friday and Saturday nights, if the owner enforced a standard pour and consistent prices he'd make enough extra profit to eliminate the cover charge (do the math). Impressive DJ booth and sound system for such a small dance floor that nobody dances on. The Eagle is a good bet to become your "go to" bar.

    September 17, 2013

  • Silverback gave * to Exhale
    No longer a lesbian bar, now a multi-use rental venue
    Some time during the summer of 2012 Exhale mutated into Evolution, a multi-use venue for anyone who could pay the rental fee, gay or otherwise. The space has potential which the owners never exploited when it was a gay bar. Evolution is as poorly promoted as Exhale was so many events I would have attended came and went unnoticed. At least it's easy to get to and has a reasonable amount of parking available so it's worth a visit to see what the venue has grown up to be.

    December 26, 2012

  • All things to everyone = Nothing to anyone
    Jon Taffer, the host of the TV show "Bar Rescue", says "Bars can’t be something to everyone, they need to be everything to someone." Sidewinders needs to take the hint. The owner/operator Koi Le has succeeded in making his bar nothing to anyone. Is it western? Dance? Twink? Leather? Sports? Drag? Well, it's a little of everything but not enough to have a defining personality. Or personality of any kind. And it's amazingly inconsistent for a bar that's trying to cover all bases. There may or may not be a cover at the door on any given night. Your bartender may be prompt or completely absent. Your drink may be over-poured or under-poured (sorry, has never been dead on for me). The music may be selected for the night, or cable feed, or a random MP3 library. The leather event you attend may be followed immediately by a drag night. The professional drunks who won't leave you alone may be belligerent, or trashy, or just tacky. You roll the dice when you go to Sidewinders, but rest assured, it'll never be more that merely average.

    December 24, 2012

  • Little to offer besides smoking
    If this private club lost its smoking permit the bar stools would be empty overnight. The bartenders are competent and friendly and remember guests and their drink preferences, and that's good. But the hospitality ends there. Because of the bizarre business model (they're classified as "lodging" through some strange twist of logic at City Hall) it's never clear who the managers are or who's responsible for the lack-luster offerings. The interior resembles a VFW hall right down to the folding tables. There's someone who knows how to double-click an MP3 file masquerading as a DJ, the music selection is complaint driven. A middle-aged lesbian will go will go to the booth and complain "Why haven't you played this song yet?" and it gets played. Then another middle-aged lesbian will go to the booth and complain "Why haven't you played THIS song yet?" and so it goes all night long. Too many patrons come from Santa Fe and make it clear they're fabulous because they come from a small town overrun by Californians with no gay bars of its own. Groucho Marx once said "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" and ASC's patrons should have taken the hint.

    December 23, 2012

  • An Embarassment
    It takes a lot of gall to charge $10 to get into this dump. The raw space is pretty cool but what the owners did with it is pathetic. The dance floor is made of OSB, the chip-board used to build houses. You'll recognize the furniture from Big Lots. Are those shower curtains hanging from the rafters? Cocktails are served in the flimsiest plastic cups, shots are served in the tiny bathroom Dixie cups your dentist uses for mouthwash. The DJ's are perpetually stoned or whacked out on X and spin the most tedious 90's dance tripe, the effects lighting comes from Spencer Gifts. Half the patrons are fat straight girls accompanying their twink gay boy friends. If you have any self-respect you'll skip this tacky disco and instead hang out at one of the sidewalk hot dog carts and laugh at the tragic klub kidz staggering in and out of EFFEX.

    December 23, 2012

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