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Boston, Massachusetts

Member Since: January 21, 2010 | Originally From: San Francisco, CA | Relationship Status: Single
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  • Has gone to a sorry boring state....
    Was a great place in its day; still very clean inside from its remodel a few years ago... but it's easy to keep a place clean when on a Friday night at 10:30pm it only requires two bartenders [one tending each bar] for the 15-20 people inside. And the "no one goes out until 11pm" excuses don't quite fly anymore. For the size of this place, if your business is THAT slow at that hour, run some promos... SOMETHING has to get the party going. Your competition is too stiff with a REAL high-level dance club next door to just sit idly by. "Never pay a cover"? True enough. The question would be: What is there to pay a cover for? Music should be played to the crowd - and the DJ's music selection is getting VERY old for the dance crowd that goes out in this city. Yes, I've been going for years and seen this bar during its greatest successful days. The MASSIVE delays of this bar rebuild after the fire was bordering on community suicide [we all just gave up]. As with any rebuild, there was success to see the "latest and greatest", especially after such a long period of time after the fire. Good sound system? Yes. Mediocre "American DJ" cheap dance floor lighting fixtures that could be updated... At least with some new $100 fixtures added in. PLEASE make some changes to give yourself another chance and people WILL come back. The "old guard" manager/staff needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

    September 5, 2011

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    December 8, 2010

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  • Not like it used to be....
    IF there is a local leather club event going on, then you'll see a nice selection of leather. Even the expected busiest nights (Fri&Sat) is more and more of the lookie-loo boys from Machine downstairs with their female friends which come up to visit. No more dress code requirement, that is for sure. The BEST positive of the place is that a most of the bartenders are friendly. Music is typically good with a different genre for the night. It does make for a decent place to have a slow-night late evening drink.

    January 21, 2010

  • The Best Boston Has To Offer....
    ... isn't even in Boston. The bar has changed owners, and changed again, since I've been going there. But, the previous review is 100% correct. Perhaps a few changes - and some exciting bar enhancements to come according to their website. [And not even *I* feel like a fool dancing on their dance floor.] Well worth the time [and toll] for everyone.

    January 21, 2010

  • the
    Everyone has their own opinion; and I follow my opinion with my money.This establishment is in NO way a remembrance of any Eagle bar. The decor says dirty and dingy with a few pieces of old posters and "should have never seen the light of day"-junk. This may have been a TRUE Eagle at some point in the past, but sorry to say it is no more.

    January 21, 2010

  • For the traveler...
    It is my sincerest opinion that.... bars and clubs that have an internet presence need to keep it UP TO DATE! The "I'm working on it" splash screen with a calendar of events more than 4 months old, which tells me they haven't bothered to even put up a new calendar in that amount of time, is a waste of my time to even visit. Not every bar, I can fully accept, has a professional web programmer. But even when the bar advertises a myspace (or facebook) page - and the links there are more than 4 months old or closed for inactivity... *I* don't have time to spend my money with such a lackadaisical attitude towards their image. This is well beyond the internet age. I can't imagine that I'm the only one that gets their first impression of a bar/pub/club/restaurant/business from that business's representation - and whereas I make my decision from that same representation. My research and decision is done by the time I get in the car. If they don't have the time to put in that simple amount of effort, MY time and money isn't spent on them.

    January 21, 2010


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