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73 M
Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm the retired Chairman & CEO of a major, international, hospitality management consultancy, who's been intimately involved in the hotel, bar, club & restauant industry for more than thirty years, but, now I'm taking time out to enjoy the fruits of other people's very, hard work. I travel a lot, and try to appreciate the incredible industry I've been a part of for so long. I'm healthy & fit for a 65 year old, gay, senior citizen.

Member Since: August 9, 2007 | Originally From: West Hollywood, CA | Relationship Status: Single
Body Type: Average Build | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Friends Call Me a: Bar Hopper | I'm looking for: Travel buddy, Soul mate, Friends

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  • September 15, 2014

  • I've enjoyed it before, and I enjoy it now
    Now that I have fully retired from active business, I've returned to Europe for something of a farewell tour. I've been in Britian very, very many times over the last 20 years, and I've never felt the slightest inhabitation in where I went, and what I did. Well, that has changed a bit. Now, that I sucessfully progressed into senior citizenhood, I've become a little more circumspect as to where I go, and what I do. For the novice, gay American, Europe, in general, and Britian, in particular, can be a tad unsettleling place. They are like us, but not really. Their perspectives, attitudes, and general outlook, is not really what many Americans are looking for. This is particularly true for older, gay Americans. Gay sex life in Europe & Britian has always had a few rougher edges than many Americans are used to. For the young people, this is hardly ever a concern, but for older people, traveling alone, it can be. But, enough perspective, I highly recommend the City of Quebec to alley any inhibititions. Firstly, you should start-out your evening in London, at the Quebec. Actually, you might never end up having a night out, for you might stay the whole evening. It's always a good thing to let the barman (bartender) know that you are an American (except, of course, if the current politics are such that you want to be a Canadian) But, be forewarned, the Brits can tell when a Canadian has a southern accent. It sounds silly, but it's true. They love us, but only on occasion. The barmen are used to dealing with international clientele, and will look out for you. But, If you are a man like me, who loves sitimulating conversation that doesn't always revolve around sex, or sexual or political positions, or such, you'll have a wonderful evening. You might even run into one of those English gentlemen, they make movies about. I've never not had a wonderful evening. I've always felt safe, and the young people are not only decorative, but, also, discreet, and entertaining. In short, I've always had a great time.

    December 8, 2010

    I was leaving the Abbey, crossing Santa Monica - I turned east, and within (seeminly) a couple of steps, I was in a place I'd never been in before. I've openly admitted before, in my reviews, that I am a "man of a certain age", but I flatter myself that I'm not stupid, but, again, there are times when I don't always know where I am. This was one of those times. I "arrived" in the middle of this delightful little place, where the phrase "be kind to strangers" apparently has meaning. I was taken in, as if I'd never left. I could only stay for a drink, but I was treated so graciously, and with so little WeHo "hauteur", that I was trying to figure out why I had to leave. I didn't have time to explore all the possibilities of St. Felix, but I will be back, and I will.

    December 8, 2010

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