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Adrenalin Loves These Places
  • Unlike any other beach.....
    Fantastic beach unlike another exerpience I've found so far anywhere else. Upon approaching the beach, you will see several rainbow flags when you cross Farme de Amoedo to the beach. Immediately you will be approached by two or three 12-13 year olds in different color jerseys. These are the cabana boys or the beach vendors reps ready to help you get chairs, umbrellas and drinks on the beach. There are 3 different companies resposnbile for Farme beach. My suggestion is to decline their services until you find a spot on the beach. If you hire them right away, you have to sit in their specific zone. So pic the zone you want and then one of the guys will reproach you. Chairs here are more of the style then towels. 90% of the beach will be in chairs and umbrellas. Once you get a beach hire for chairs and umbrella, he will also be getting you drinks. Again, most of these errand runners look like 12-15 years old but they are allowed to deliver alcohol between the bar and you. They will present you with a slip of paper that has your rental items on it and every time you order another drink, they will ask to see it to add more to it. TIP: you also get free wifi from this vendor but you have to ask them to put in the password. At the end of the day leave all your rental item in one spot and take your paper to the back table tents to pay out. Yes they accept credit cards on the beach. There are several variations of showers. Vendor provided which are right at the back of the beach which are free. The others are in the lifeguard buildings along with the toilets. BE ADVISED - there are no free toilets on the beach. You have to pay $1.75 in reals each time to access the bathroom. Same building also has open outdoor showers or enclosed private showers for rental complete with soap and towel, There are many vendors on this beach that will approach you frequently to sell sunblock, necklaces, blankets, zongas (speedo type bathing suit), sandwiches, various drinks etc.....they tend to only take cash but make life convenient. AT times it can be annoying and pestering. Keep in mind Rio;s beach water is not exactly clean and has sewage in it. So if you go in, do not put your head underwater and shower off after you get out. The Brazilians have a tolerance to the water that tourists do not and this an easy way to get sick. Beach is quiet on the weekdays, but insane on Sat & Sun. Sunday part of the roads are closed just for beach pedestrians and bike traffic. They will be filled with wall to wall umbrellas and amazing boys! Great eye candy beyond words. People tend t be friendly and try to communicate here, Use google translate app to help the translate back and forth.

    August 20, 2015

  • Expensive & overcrowded but good location by beach
    Went to the Galeria Cafe last night for Treta Wednesdays which is when locals told us is the best night to go. KNOW BE4 YOU GO: Club offers $10 reals off cover if you email the guest list on their webpage before 8pm. They also offered free caprianhas for the first hour of being one (11pm-12am). You must have a valid form of ID. I always carry my California ID card which seems to work fine, however this one wanted passport which I leave in the hotel safe. I do carry color photo copies of my passport with me at all times in case I run into a need like this. They accepted the copy no problem. PAYING: similar format to clubs like "the week" and zero zero where you receive a card which you present each time you buy a drink. When you leave you pay you card out which includes all drinks and cover admission charge. They did take credit cards no problem. However, this is part of the entry line which takes forever. One person registers a massive line of people so the outdoor line takes forever. Get their early as it took us 45 minutes with only 15-20 people in front of us. Club is one large square. Its packed wall to wall. There are two bars, one on the side and one on the back and they are difficult to access. Be forewarned this club packs the crowds in tight. In will be overwhelming if you are clastrophobic. US clubs have occupancy ratings and would not allow this many people inside the club. Upstairs has a small balcony overlooking the dance floor. DJ played US dance music and occasional Brazillian pop songs. Everyone seemed to sing along to every song. If your comfortable with crowds and people knocking into you every 30 seconds you will have no problem. If this kind of action drives you nuts, stay away. Upstairs and second bar have low clearance so if your tall like i am 6'+ you will be ducking in those areas non-stop. Its the only good club on a Thursday. If other options exist next time Im here I will explore them. Its a in a good location, across from the gay beach and directly across the street from gay sauna Rio G to put things in prospective.

    August 20, 2015

  • Awesome Mega-Club - Open on Saturdays
    Went to this club August 2015 anti amazing. It IS open contrary to the title saying its closed. Its located in the warehouse district. You need to take a taxi to get there. When you arrive there will be plenty backed up waiting to drop off. Club is only open on Saturdays. You will be hand wanded and patted down by security to get it. However its well worth the hassle getting there and getting through security. You then have to register for drink card to have an ID of some sort with you (State ID, Driver's License, Copy of passport) as they will open an account for you. You will be asked to give your finger prints as part of registering. This is common in the big night clubs in Rio. Cover charges and all your drink charges will be paid out when you surrender your drinking card at the end of the night. Main room is 3 floors with massive dance floor, stage and 2 balconies. There is a ramp that leads upstairs to and outdoor beer garden and to the balconies of the main dance floor or separate pop music dance room. Both times I was there were packed with wall to wall people - however it was controlled and not overcrowded and still fun. Majority of the crowd is gay 80%. Very dark mansion mysterious, upscale feel with chandeliers, well done decor on the walls and massive well kept bathrooms. Bathrooms have stalls that groups tend to disappear into for extra fun and security doesn't care one bit. Stays open late till 8am. Does not get busy like most clubs in Rio till 12:30am/1am. Taxis waiting as soon as you exit. No ATM on site. Bring cash or make sure your credit cards work ahead of time. Keep in your shoe to avoid pick pockets. Not to miss experience.

    August 19, 2015

  • August 19, 2015

  • Decent, dark with mixed crowd & rent boys
    Located at the back end of Copacabana in a slightly rougher area. You enter through one outside door simply marked "202" into a white building off the street. You go up through 2 semi-outdoor staircases before you have to get buzzed into reception. Costs $50 reals entry - however if your not used to the Brazillian system, you pay when you leave - not upon entry. You are provided sandals, towel and a locker key. The locker key is important as it serves as your billing account so do not loose it or lend it out. Inside the club is pretty dark and odd lay out. Lockers are made of wood and locker area are small. There is a bar area serving all sorts of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Right next to it is a lounge with couches and stools as well as a dance floor and stage. They supposedly have entertainers sometimes. Keep in mind the best times to go in Rio are 5pm-10pm. Most Termas/Suanas/Bathhouses close by midnight or 1am and die out well before that. Main level has a jo long playing pussy porn and toliets. There are two second floors that do not connect. One has the wet area - showers, steam room, sauna and bathrooms. The other is "cabins" or 'suites" as they call them which are private rooms for additional rent. Rental runs $30 for 40 minutes . Room has a bed, mirror on wall, air conditioner, shower and toilet. Rent boys are always walking around and will come flirt with you trying to get you to buy or negotiate services. Mixed sizes, shapes, ages - all willing to help you relax for a price. Upon leaving you turn in your room key and get your final bill which includes admission charge, drink charges and room rental charges if you used any services. Took credit cards. I suggest having the taxi drop off and pick you up right in front as the neighborhood is rough looking.

    August 19, 2015

  • October 18, 2014

  • Small amount of
    Unicorn is a private membership club. You can make a chartiable donation for a one night membership. Lots of security to get in, but not sure why. Its one large room with a stage that has 2 poles. The bar is on one side and the rest of the perimeter is barstools and some tables. Only were 4 dancers in rotation last saturday. Decent to hot. Will come around offering you on the spot lap private show room. Dancers strip to briefs then work the room. Had fun but it could be better.......

    April 22, 2011

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